Flagler County (17)

Historic Markers Across Florida


Flagler County was created on 1917.

The county seat is in Bunnell, FL.,
and the county is 485  Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 12035

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There are 14 Historic Markers in Flagler County.

Bulow Sugar Mill   -    
  3501 Old Kings Road, Flagler Beach, FL      

Gamble Rogers   -    
  100 S Oceanshore Blvd, Flagler Beach, FL WMYFA3      

Holden House   -   FLHM F-528
  204 East Moody Boulevard, Bunnell, FL      

King's Road   -   FLHM F-22
  S.R. 100 East of I-95 near Bunnell.      

Lehigh Trail   -    
  5875 Colbert Lane, Palm Coast, FL      

Levitt & I.T.T. ‘De Bary' Model   -   FLHM F-898
  29 Casper Drive, Palm Coast, FL WMTQ94      

Levitt & I.T.T. “Del Mar” Model and Palm Coast Golf Club   -   FLHM F-950
  Clark and Cooper Lanes, Palm Coast, FL WMVTKK      

Mala Compra Plantation Historic Site   -   FLHM F-529
  5862 N Ocean Shore Blvd, Palm Coast, FL      

Marineland Of Florida   -    
  9600 Oceanshore Blvd, Saint Augustine, FL      

Marineland-The World's First Oceanarium   -   FLHM F-927
  9600 N Oceanshore Blvd, Palm Coast, FL WMWZVW      

Old Highway A1A   -    
  6400 N Oceanshore Blvd, Flagler Beach, FL      

Palm Coast, Florida   -   FLHM F-781
  13 Clark Lane, Palm Coast, FL WMQCBC      

Princess Place Estate   -   FLHM F-530
  Princess Place Rd, Bunnell, FL WMEMM2      

Washington Oaks Gardens   -   FLHM F-124
  Washington Oaks State Gardens on E Collector Rd WM3AXB      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.