Hillsborough County (28)

Historic Markers Across Florida


Hillsborough County was created on 1834.

The county seat is in Tampa, FL.,
and the county is 1,051  Square Miles in area.

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There are 202 Historic Markers in Hillsborough County.

"CUBA" The Official Newspaper of the Cuban Revolutionary Party 1887-1898   -    
  8th Avenue near Marti Park, Ybor City, Tampa WM5XGZ      

1851-1891 - Tampa   -    
  Kennedy Blvd. and Morgan St. WM5J0D      

8 inch shell landed here   -    
  At Oaklawn Cemetery WM5M50      

A Butterfly's Habitat   -    
  6690 Dickman Rd, Apollo Beach, FL WMVQZF      

A Penny Pines Forest   -   DAR 
  Hillsborough River State Park, US 301, Tampa, FL 33592 WMRNXJ      

Academy of the Holy Names   -    
  at North Albany St and West Spruce St in West Tampa, FL WMQ79X      

Alfred Reuben Swann (1843-1926)   -    
  on W Swann Ave at S Oregon Ave., Tampa, FL WM7CN7      

Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca Conquistador.....   -    
  off S. Harbour Island Blvd. along the waterfront in front of Jackson's Bistro restaurant, Tampa, FL WMQ89E      

Anthony P. Pizzo (1912-1994)   -    
  On E 8th Ave. at Angel Oliva St., Ybor City, FL WMGCFZ      

Attempt on the Life of Jose Marti 1893   -    
  In front of Cuban Club at 14th St., Ybor City, Tampa, FL. WM5XH7      

Babe's Longest Homer   -    
  McKay Auditorium, University of Tampa, FL. WM2AD9      

Battlefield - Civil War Skirmish   -    
  Bayshore Boulevard & Hawthorne Road, Tampa WM21G9      

Bealsville   -    
  n Nesmith Rd in front of the Belleville Recreation Center, Plant City, FL. WMTHBB      

Billy Graham Began Here   -    
  Oak Fair Blvd and E. Fortune St, Tampa, FL WMQZVE      

Brandon Family Cemetery   -    
  Small cemetery off of Rte. 60 (Brandon Blvd.) WM24HB      

Brandon Homestead   -    
  401 W Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL WMM077      

Brandon Masonic Lodge No. 114, F. & A.M. 1890-1990   -    
  203 North Moon Avenue, Brandon, FL      

Brandon School   -    
  At the school on West Sadie St., Brandon, FL WMTXN4      

Bruce B. Downs Boulevard   -    
  is on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard (County Road 581) north of East Fowler Avenue, Tampa FL WMKD5V      

C. Cecilia Morse June 3, 1838-June 13, 1926   -    
  in Oaklawn Cemetery near the corner of N. Morgan St south of E. Laurel St., Tampa, FL WMQ897      

Capt. James McKay, I (1808-1876)   -    
  on grounds of City Center, Franklin and Jackson Streets, Tampa, FL. WM2A5J      

Capt. Nathaniel Wyche Hunter   -    
  9456 Highland Oak Drive, Tampa, FL WMV5FN      

Captain Joseph Fry   -    
  Platt & Tampa Streets, Tampa, FL.      

Celi's Expedition and Survey of the Hillsborough River April 24-27, 1757   -   FLHM 
  behind Curtis Hixon Hall on River Walk, downtown Tampa      

Central Avenue   -    
  on N Orange Ave north of Harrison St. WM33X6      

Centro Asturiano De Tampa   -   FLHM 
  1913 Nebraska Avenue      

Centro Espanol De Tampa   -   FLHM F-383
  on E 7th Ave (rout 45) at N 16th St. WM2FFV      

Charles Lafayette Knight "Charley" May 31, 1928-March 25, 1996   -    
  off S. Harbour Island Blvd. along the waterfront in front of Jackson's Bistro restaurant, Tampa, FL WMQ89F      

Circulo Cubano (Cuban Club)   -   FLHM 
  2010 Avenida Republica de Cuba      

Clara C. Frye April 17, 1872-April 8, 1936   -    
  On Spruce Cove, Tampa, FL WMT8ZN      

Col. Peter O. Knight   -    
  245 S. Hyde Park Ave., Tampa WMTD4P      

Colonel James Gadsden   -    
  on S MacDill Ave north of W Bay Haven at the Interbay Little league field. WM21QN      

Columbia Restaurant Founded 1905   -    
  Front of Columbia Restaurant, 7th Avenue & 22nd St., Ybor City, Tampa WM701R      

Confederate Soldiers and Sailors   -    
  in Oaklawn Cemetery, N. Morgan St. and E. Laurel St., Tampa, FL WMQ89D      

Congregation Rodeph Sholom-Tampa, FL   -    
  2713 Bayshore Blvd, Tampa, FL. WM5J18      

Congregation Schaarai Zedek   -    
  on W Swann Ave at S Lincoln Ave. WM5KN9      

Congregation Schaari Zedek   -    
  on West Swann Ave near South Lincoln Ave, Tampa, FL WMGZK7      

Convent of the Holy Names Academy of the Holy Names Oldest School In Tampa   -    
  Bayshore Boulevard, Tampa WM7CWB      

Courthouse Square   -    
  Madison & Franklin Streets, Tampa, FL. WM1XW7      

Cradle Of Cuban Liberty   -    
  7th Avenue & 13th Street, Ybor City, Tampa WM5XH5      

Cyrus Greene Park   -    
  At Cyrus Greene Park, 2101 E Dr M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Tampa, FL WMT8ZQ      

De Soto Oak Plaque   -   DAR 
  Plant Park, Kennedy Boulevard &. Hyde Park Avenue, Tampa, FL. WM5WHA      

Do You See a Manatee?   -    
  6690 Dickman RD, Apollo Beach, FL WMVQZF      

Dobyville   -    
  on S Willow Ave, south of W Platt St. WM3GR2      

Dominican Proto Martyrs Of America a.d. 1549-1965   -    
  on stone at Bayshore Boulevard, Tarpon, Weighing Station, Tampa, FL. WMTHBW      

Drew Field   -    
  at Tampa Bay Blvd and Dale Mabry Hwy across from the stadium, Tampa, FL WMXV80      

Echebucsassa Post Office   -   DAR 
  In park east of Chamber of Commerce, at junction of Baker and Reynold Sts, Plant City, FL. WMTHBH      

  1913 N. Nebraska Ave. at E Palm Ave WM1XDN      

El Centro Espanol De Tampa   -   FLHM 
  1526-1536 7th Avenue      

El Chino - Pajarito Restaurant   -    
  8th Avenue & 14 St., Ybor City, Tampa, FL. WM2N92      

El Circulo Cubano (Cuban Club)   -   FLHM F-382
  on E Palm Ave at 14th St. Ybor City, FL WM6ZVQ      

First Baptist Church   -    
  on grounds of Shiloh Cemetery, Plant City      

First Citizen, Gavino Gutierrez   -    
  Spanish Park Restaurant, 3517 E. 7th Ave., Ybor City, Tampa, FL      

First Duel In Ybor City 1888   -    
  7th Avenue near 15th St., Ybor City, Tampa      

First Lt. Baldomero Lopez Tampa Native Awarded Congressional Medal Of Honor   -    
  At Tampa Federal Savings & Loan, Madison St. & Florida Avenue, Tampa WM2ACF      

First Methodist Church 1851 - 1891   -    
  Kennedy Boulevard & Marion St., Tampa, FL.      

First United Methodist Church Tampa, Florida   -    
  on E Tyler St near N Florida Ave in Tampa, FL WMQ8C9      

Florida Sentinel Bulletin   -    
  on E 21st Ave., at N 22nd St., Tampa, FL WM7GR2      

Fort Brooke (Tampa)   -    
  Bayshore Boulevard, at Pirate Ship, Tampa      

Fort Brooke Battery   -    
  On University Dr. near West Kennedy Boulevard, University of Tampa Campus.      

Fort Brooke Cemetery   -    
  on west side of Old Fort Brooke Garage, Tampa WM2A5H      

Founding of the Cigar Industry in Tampa   -   FLHM F-39
  corner of 9th Avenue and 14th St., Ybor City. WM5XHK      

Gary   -    
  Hillsborough County Historical Advisory Council WM2H12      

Gen. Robert E. Lee, C.S.A.   -   UDC 
  Doyle Carlton Drive, behind Curtis Hixon Convention Center, Tampa WM2ADC      

George Guida 1914-1986 "Mr. West Tampa"   -    
  at the end of George Guida Memorial Drive, west of North MacDill Avenue in Macfarlane Park, Tampa, FL WMQ7ED      

German-American Club   -   FLHM F-384
  2106 Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL WM1XKP      

Gordon Keller   -    
  Entrance to Tampa General Hospital, Davis Islands, Tampa WMGCBV      

Great 1909 Auto Race   -    
  Franklin & Washington Sts, Tampa, FL WM33X4      

Greater Bethel Missionary Baptist Church   -    
  1206 N Jefferson St, Tampa, FL WMK4TT      

Greater New Salem Primitive Baptist Church   -    
  On N Nebraska Ave. north of E Estelle St, Tampa, FL WMGCFR      

Hillsborough County High School   -    
  on N. Highland Ave near W. Gladys St in Tampa, FL WMQ893      

Hillsborough County Historical Cemetery For All People   -    
  5901 North 22nd Street, Tampa, FL      

Hillsborough Lodge Number 25 F.&A.M.   -    
  N Morgan St. and E Kennedy Blvd in Tampa, FL WMQ8CD      

Hillsborough Lodge Number 25 F.&A.M.   -    
  at W Morgan St and N Moon Ave., Brandon, FL WMTXN9      

Hillsborough River Ferry 1846-1868   -    
  Ashley Drive & Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL. WM2ACY      

Historic Emilio Pons Cigar Factory   -    
  17th St. & 6th Avenue, Ybor City, FL WM701J      

Historic Fire Station No. 4   -    
  At the Ybor City Museum State Park on E 9th Ave. WM1WW8      

Historic Fort King Trail   -    
  8th avenue & 18th St., YborCity, Tampa, FL WM6ZW8      

Historic Harlem Academy / School #2   -    
  on E. Harrison St close to N. Morgan St., Tampa, FL WMQ89G      

Historic Tampa Union Station   -   FLHM 
  601 Nebraska      

History in the Air   -    
  MacDill Park, 100 N Ashley Dr, Tampa, FL WMM3XD      

Hotel De La Havana 1887-1891   -    
  15th St. & 7th Avenue LAs Novedades Comer, YborCity, Tampa, FL. WM2N8W      

Hugh C. Macfarlane 1851-1935 Founder of West Tampa   -    
  at the end of George Guida Memorial Drive, west of North MacDill Avenue in Macfarlane Park, Tampa, FL WMQ7EF      

Hyde Park's Bungalow Terrace   -    
  on Inman Ave at Bungalow Terrace, Tampa, FL      

I Pledge Allegiance   -    
  Curtis Hixon Convention Center, Tampa, FL. WM21G8      

Il Cimitero Dell'unione Italiana   -   FLHM F-430
  at the intersection of North 26th St. and East 23rd Avenue, Tampa, FL      

In the Beginning…   -    
  MacDill Park, 100 N Ashley Dr, Tampa, FL WMM3XD      

Italian Club Life In Tampa   -    
  7th Avenue & 18th St., Ybor City, Tampa, FL. WM5WHC      

Jessamine Flowers Link   -    
  500 West Platt Street, Tampa, FL WMV4NF      

John F. Kennedy in Tampa   -    
  in Lykes Gaslight Park on E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL WMM2JT      

John Fitzgerald Kennedy   -    
  In front of Courthouse at Madison & Pierce Streets, Tampa, FL. WMQ8CG      

John T. Lesley Home   -    
  on East St between E. Kennedy Blvd. and E Twiggs St., Tampa, FL WMQ7EK      

Jose Gasparilla an 18th Century West Indianman   -    
  Bayshore Boulevard at Pirate Ship, Tampa, FL. WMGCFN      

José Martí   -    
  N 14th St south of E 9th Ave. Ybor City, FL WM6ZTC      

Jules Verne Park   -    
  Interbay & Ballast Point Boulevards, near pier, Tampa, FL. WM1NYJ      

Kate Jackson Recreation Center   -    
  on S Rome Ave at W Bristol Ave, Tampa, FL WM7CNH      

Kennedy   -    
  in Oaklawn Cemetery, N. Morgan St. and E. Laurel St., Tampa, FL WMQ89C      

L'unione Italiana (Italian Club)   -   FLHM 
  1731 7th Avenue WM5WHF      

La Casa De Pedroso 1893   -    
  Marti Park, 8th Avenue & 13th St., Ybor City, Tampa, FL. WM2N8Z      

La Joven Francesa Bakery   -    
  9th Avenue & 19th St., Ybor State Museum, Ybor City. WM1WVX      

La Liga Patriotica De Instruccion est. 1889   -    
  8th Avenue & 14th St., Ybor City, Tampa, FL. WM5XH2      

La Quinta--Ybor's Home-Out in the Country   -    
  E 12th Ave at N 17th St., Tampa, FL WMXV7R      

Levi Starling Massacre   -    
  on U.S. 92, about a mile west of McIntosh Road, Plant City.      

Limona   -    
  at the Limona Cemetery on Limona Rd, Brandon, FL . WM2926      

Listen carefully to hear a manatee!   -    
  6690 Dickman RD, Apollo Beach, FL WMVQZF      

Long-Legged Wading Birds Stalk the Shallows   -    
  6690 Dickman RD, Apollo Beach, FL WMVQZF      

Lt. Col. Frank S. Adamo, M.D.   -    
  on N Franklin St, north of Jackson St (rout 60) WM33X0      

Lyndon Baines Johnson   -    
  In front of courthouse at Madison & Pierce Streets, Tampa, FL.      

Madame Fortune Taylor Bridge   -    
  at the Hillsborough River on W. Laurel St., Tampa, FL WMYDAM      

Manatee Scar Identification   -    
  6690 Dickman RD, Apollo Beach, FL WMVQZF      

Memoria In Aeterna, 1911   -    
  on N Pierce St north of E Kennedy St. WM5J85      

Memorial Highway   -    
  intersection of West Kennedy Boulevard (State Road 60) and Memorial Hwy., Tampa, FL WMV5FV      

Miracle at Cockroach Bay The Leisey Shell Fossils   -    
  on Mammoth Trail southeast of Ruskin, Sun City, FL WMY2P3      

Molly Ferrara 1905-1979   -    
  on E 7th Ave at 17th St, Tampa, FL WMT8ZT      

Morgan Cigar Factory-A Symbol of Tampa's Romantic Cigar Industry   -    
  on N. Howard Ave at W. St. Louis St in West Tampa, FL WMQ7EJ      

Most Holy Name 1920-1975   -    
  Along 7th Ave in the eastern part of Ybor City, FL WMGZK7      

Mrs. Bertha Honore Palmer (1849-1918)   -    
  in front of the Woodmont Clubhouse at 415 Woodmont Avenue, Temple Terrace, FL WMNJZE      

Narvaez Stone   -    
  At Plant Park, Kennedy Boulevard & Hyde Park Avenue, Tampa, FL.      

Oaklawn Cemetery   -    
  At Oaklawn Cemetery, on N Morgan St.. WM5M4B      

Officers Quarters Fort Brooke   -    
  Brorein & Franklin Streets, Tampa, FL. WM5KRJ      

Old Government Spring   -    

Old Hyde Park   -    
  Old Hyde Park Village on South Village Circle off of S. Dakota Ave., Tampa, FL WMQ894      

Old Peoples Home   -   FLHM F-596
  5th Avenue & 13th St. Brewery, YborCity, Tampa, FL. WM1XVM      

Old Schoolhouse   -   DAR 
  South of University Dr. at the University of Tampa WMGFMT      

Orange Grove Hotel Building   -    
  on E Kennedy Blvd (rout 60) west of N East St. WM5J0C      

Orestes Ferrara   -    
  7th Avenue & 16th Broadway Bank, YborCity, Tampa, FL. WM5XGX      

Our Lady of Perpetual Help-Established 1890   -    
  at the church, 1711 E 11th Ave, Tampa, FL WMV57K      

Officers Quarters Fort Brooke   -    
  on South Franklin St south of E Whiting St, Tampa, FL      

Perry Harvey, Sr., Park Skateboard Bowl   -   FLHM F-877
  in the park between North Central Ave and N Orange Ave, Tampa, FL WMQZVG      

Phillips Field   -    
  On North Blvd at W Cypress, Tampa, FL WMT8ZX      

Picnic Island   -    

Pioneer Priests' Graves   -    
  in St. Louis Catholic Cemetery (Oaklawn ) at the corner of N. Morgan St. and E. Laurel St., Tampa, FL WMQ899      

Plant Field   -    
  on North Boulevard at the south end of the bleachers, Tampa, FL WMQ7EH      

Reverend Billy Graham   -    
  On Riverhills Drive, Temple Terrace, FL WMNJZB      

Roberts City   -    
  on North Blvd in front of the Boys and Girls Club in Riverfront Park, Tampa, FL WMQ8CH      

Roosevelt Elementary School   -    
  3205 S Ferdinand Ave Tampa, FL WMVG4J      

Rough Riders Encampment   -    
  on Armenia Ave and Lemon St. in Vila Brothers Park, Tampa, FL WMV4NE      

Rough Riders Encampment, June 1898   -    
  National Guard Armory, Howard Avenue, Tampa, FL. WM5F58      

Ruskin College President's Home   -   FLHM F-246
  S.R. 674 and U.S. 41 WM1RY2      

Ruskin College President's Home   -   FLHM F-246
  Ruskin Woman's Club, U.S. 41, Ruskin. WM1RY2      

Sacred Heart Church-Established 1860-Oldest Catholic Church on Florida's West Coast   -    
  at the corner of N Florida Ave and E Twiggs St. in Tampa, FL WMQ8CC      

Site of Alderman's Ford-First Crossing Point of the Alafia River in This Vicinity   -    
  parking area of Alderman's Ford Park, Plant City, FL WMVFYA      

Site of First Ybor City Railroad Station 1887   -    
  16th St. & 6th Avenue, Ybor City, Tampa, FL. WMGCC4      

Site of Fort Alafia   -    
  At junction of S.R. 39 south & Swilley Road, Plant City, FL. WMTHBF      

Site of Fort Brooke   -   DAR 
  Tampa Convention Center, 333 S Franklin St, Tampa, FL WMVFYC      

Site of Methodist Episcopal Church South~1885-1902   -    
  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd between Howard St and Daniel St., Plant City, FL WMVFY8      

Sociedad La Union Marti-Maceo   -   FLHM F-387
  1226 7th Avenue WM5WHV      

Spanish Exploration of Temple Terrace-April 25 & 26, 1757   -    
  Located in Riverhills park on S Riverhill Dr, Temple Terrace, FL WMTXN6      

Spanishtown Creek   -    
  Bayshore Boulevard, east of Magnolia Avenue, Tampa, FL. WM7CN0      

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church   -    
  on E Madison near N Marion St.      

St. Peter Claver Catholic School   -    
  in front of the school at Governor and Scott Sts., Brandon, FL WMTY94      

Storm Water and the Estuary   -    
  6690 Dickman RD, Apollo Beach, FL WMVQZF      

Tampa as Port of Embarkation for Spanish American War   -   FLHM F-42
  corner of West Shore Boulevard and Interbay Boulev WM22T3      

Tampa Bay Hotel   -   FLHM F-31
  West Kennedy Boulevard, University of Tampa Campus WM5WH6      

Tampa Bay Hotel   -    
  At the University of Tampa on University Dr. WM5WH6      

Tampa Confederate Salt Work   -    F-850
  ypress Point Park, 5620 West Cypress St., Tampa, FL WMVKQ7      

Tampa Free Public Library   -    
  E 7th Ave and N Tampa St., Tampa, FL WMVQZF      

Tampa Goes to War   -    
  MacDill Park, 100 N Ashley Dr, Tampa, FL WMM3XD      

Tampa Salutes MacDill AFB   -    
  MacDill Park, 100 N Ashley Dr, Tampa, FL WMM3XD      

Tampa Union Station   -   FLHM F-451
  on Nebraska Ave at Zack St, Tampa, FL WM6ZM3      

Tampa's First Cigar Factory   -    
  7th Avenue & 15th St., Ybor City, Tampa, FL.      

Tampa's First Paved Sidewalk - 1888   -    
  City Hall Plaza, Franklin St. & Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL. WMM1VQ      

Tampa's Oldest Restaurant - 1890   -    
  7th Avenue, between 14th and 15th Streets, Las Novedades, Ybor City, Tampa, FL. WM5XGQ      

Teco Energy's Tampa Electric Company Organized October 1899   -    
  on N Franklin St north of Zack St. WM2AC8      

Temple Terraces Country Club Sutton Hall   -    
  On the campus of Florida College, N Glen Arven Ave and Riverhills Drive, Temple Terrace, FL WMNJZP      

The Andres Diaz Building   -    
  on N Habana Ave at W Kathleen St, Tampa, FL WM7CPD      

The Bayshore Boulevard of Dreams   -    
  on Bayshore Blvd at W Coachman Ave. WM21GA      

The Beginning of the Cigar Industry in West Tampa   -    
  On N Howard Ave at W Union St., Tampa, FL WMGCC9      

The Birth Of Mutual Aid Societies In America   -    
  8th Avenue at Centro Espanol Mall, Ybor City, Tampa, FL.      

The Birth of Ybor City   -    
  15th St. & 7th Avenue, Las Novedades Comer, Ybor City, Tampa, FL. WM2N71      

The Buffalo Soldiers in Tampa Heights 1898   -    
  on N Central Ave at E Columbus Dr.      

The Cherokee Club "El Pasaje" 1888   -    
  14th St. & 9th Avenue, Ybor City, Tampa, FL. WM5XH6      

The Coming Of The Italians   -    
  7th Avenue & 21st St., Broadway Bank, Ybor City, Tampa, FL. WMGCC1      

The Krewe of the Knights of Sant Yago   -    
  in front of the historic Columbia Restaurant on E 7th Ave between 21st and 22nd Streets, Tampa, FL WM701K      

The Largest Orange Grove in the World   -    
  on Gillette Ave at the track for Greco Middle School, Brandon, FL WMTY97      

The Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly   -    
  6690 Dickman RD, Apollo Beach, FL WMVQZF      

The Millennium Forest   -   DAR 
  Hillsborough River State Park, US 301, Tampa, FL 33592 WMRNXN      

The Rough Riders Passed Here   -    
  City Hall Plaza, Franklin St. & Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL. WM5DH5      

The Rough Riders Rode By Here 1898   -    
  7th Avenue & 2nd St., Ybor City, Tampa, FL. WM701P      

The Salvation Army   -    
  on E Kennedy Blvd between N Franklin and Tampa Streets, Tampa, FL. WM5XBE      

The Tampa Bay Hotel, 1891 The University of Tampa, 1933   -    
  At the University of Tampa on University Dr. WM2AD3      

The United States Military   -    
  MacDill Park, 100 N Ashley Dr, Tampa, FL WMM3XD      

The War Years   -    
  MacDill Park, 100 N Ashley Dr, Tampa, FL WMM3XD      

The West Tampa Boys Club   -    
  on West Union St. just west of North Albany Avenue in playground, Tampa, FL WMQZVC      

Timuquan Indian Mound   -    
  401 E. Platt St., Tampa, FL. WM5KRN      

Tony Jannus' Historic Flight   -    
  Comer of Park, Bayshore Boulevard & Platt St., Tampa, FL.      

Turkey Creek School   -    
  5005 South Turkey Creek Rd, Plant City, FL WMXV84      

Union Raiders Burn Tampa Blockade Runners   -    
  At Lowery Zoo on N Blvd. WM1KD1      

Unknown Soldiers And Settlers   -    
  Oaklawn Cemetery, Morgan St., Tampa, FL.      

Vicente Martinez-Ybor   -    
  on 7th at 16th St, Tampa, FL WMV57N      

W.T. Edwards Hospital Complex   -   FLHM F-599
  4014 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.      

WDAE - Florida's First Radio Station   -    
  Zack & Franklin Streets, Tampa, FL      

West Tampa Free Public Library   -    
  On N Howard Ave, north of Main St, Tampa, FL WMT283      

What Role Do Mangroves Play In An Estuary?   -    
  6690 Dickman RD, Apollo Beach, FL WMVQZF      

William F. Poe Plaza   -    
  211 N Tampa St, Tampa, FL WMM278      

William Gordon Burnett 1935-1988   -    
  on Swann Ave between Edison Ave and Delaware Ave., Tampa, FL WMTD4X      

Woodrow Wilson Junior High School   -    
  on Swann Ave between Edison Ave and Delaware Ave., Tampa, FL WMTD4T      

Woolworth Sit-In   -    
  at Franklin and Polk St, Tampa, FL WMYDAP      

Worlds First Scheduled Airline by Tony Janus   -    
  On Bayshore Blvd, Tampa, FL WMGCF6      

Ybor Centennial Park   -    
  on E 9th Ave east of N 18th St. WM1WW6      

Ybor City Historic District   -    F-388
  in 1200 Block of E. 7th Ave WM1X51      

Ybor City's First Fire Station 1888   -    
  Mirta Hook & Ladder Fire Station, Ybor Square at 8th Avenue, Ybor City. WM5XH3      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.