Jackson County (31)

Historic Markers Across Florida


Jackson County was created on 1822.

The county seat is in Marianna, FL.,
and the county is 916  Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 12063

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There are 31 Historic Markers in Jackson County.

Battle of Marianna   -   FLHM F-8
  U.S.90(E. Lafayette) & S.R.167(S. Jefferson) at Co WM7NJ4      

Cavalry Fight in Downtown Marianna-The Battle of Marianna   -    
  smal park near Confederate monument along US 90 in downtown Marianna, FL WMNVW3      

Davis-West House   -    
  On Madison St north of Putnam St, Marianna, FL WMHRB1      

Dekle-Brunner House   -    
  at Broad and Green Streets in historic Marianna, FL WMKX0Y      

Dellwood Methodist Church   -    
  6498 Messer Rd, Grand Ridge, FL WMXJ8W      

Ely-Criglar House   -    
  Lafayette St, Marianna, FL WMHR4K      

Erwin House   -    
  On Fort Rd east of Bryan St, Greenwood, FL WMHRB8      

Fight at the Chipola River Bridge - The Battle of Marianna   -    
  intersection of Lafayette St (U.S. 90) and Jackson St, Marianna, FL WMV2HQ      

Fighting at Ely Corner-The Battle of Marianna   -    
  At the church on FL 2 and Fernwood St, Campbellton, FL WMNXVT      

First Baptist Church   -    
  At the church on FL 2 and Fernwood St, Campbellton, FL WMNXVQ      

First Presbyterian Church   -    
  2898 Jefferson St, Marianna, FL WMHQYX      

First United Methodist Church   -    
  2901 Caledonia St, Marianna, FL WMKX10      

General Andrew Jackson In Florida - 1818   -   FLHM F-273
  Florida Caverns State Park WM7NHY      

Gilmore Academy   -   FLHM 
  2871 Orange St., Marianna, FL      

Great Oaks   -    
  on Bryan St south of Smith St, Greenwood, FL WMHRBQ      

Greenwood Baptist Church   -    
  4156 Bryan St, Greenwood, FL WMHRHQ      

Jackson County   -   FLHM F-195
  U.S. 90, on Courthouse grounds. WM7Z6K      

Lewis-Wykoff House   -    
  On Jefferson St north of Broad St, Marianna, FL WMHRB4      

Oliver Baptist Church   -    
  6063 Boston Highway, Monticello, FL WMV2HQ      

Saint Luke Baptist Church   -   FLHM F-498
  At the church on Jackson St, Marianna, FL WM8V04      

Site of the Battle of Marianna   -   FLHM 
  On Wynn St at Lafayetta St (US 90) Marianna, FL WM5HR0      

Sneads   -    
  on old US 90 in front of the old town pump, Sneads, FL WMHQY9      

St. Luke's Churchyard   -    
  4362 Lafayette St, Marianna, FL WMHR4D      

Sylvania Plantation   -   FLHM F-35
  on C.R.164, 4.2 miles E. of its intersection with      

The Abstract Office   -    
  on Jefferson St, south of Lafayette St, Marianna, FL WMKX0Z      

The Hayes Long Mansion   -    
  On Bryan St north of Peanut St, Greenwood, FL WMHRJ0      

The Holden House   -    
  Lafayette St, Marianna, FL WMHR7R      

The Russ House   -    
  4318 Lafayette Street, Marianna, FL      

The West End Community   -   FLHM F-920
  intersection of Lafayette St (U.S. 90) and Jackson St, Marianna, FL WMV2H6      

The Woman's Club   -    
  Clinton St at Caledonia St, Marianna, FL WMHRB0      

When The Lights Came On   -   FLHM F-484
  5282 Peanut Rd., Graceville, FL WMKX0D      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.