Miami-Dade County (43)

Historic Markers Across Florida


Miami-Dade County was created on 1836.

The county seat is in Miami, FL.,
and the county is 1,945  Square Miles in area.

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There are 109 Historic Markers in Miami-Dade County.

Alhambra Water Tower   -   FLHM F-408
  on Alhambra Circle at Ferdinandi At, Coral Gables, FL WM3ZR0      

Arch Creek   -    
  Near N. E. 18th Avenue & 135th Street N., Miami, FL WM3ZV1      

Arch Creek Bridge   -    
  1855 NE 135th St, Miami, FL      

Arch Creek Military Trail   -   FLHM 

Arch Creek Road Military Trail   -   FLHM F-469
  northern tip Arch Creek Park (FL 916), North Miami, FL WMXXTP      

Architecture   -    
  on Charles Ave at Plaza St., Miami, FL WMXMC7      

Barefoot Mailman   -   HASF 
  Haulover Park, Miami, FL      

Benjamin Samuel Sha Vis 1890~ 1968   -   HASF 
  Ben Shavis Park, Perrine      

Bicentennial Park 1976   -   HASF 
  Bicentennial Park, Miami, FL      

Biscayne   -   HASF 
  at the end of NE 96th St at N Bayshore Dr., Miami Shores, FL WMXXTN      

Biscayne House Of Refuge   -   HASF 
  In North Shore Park, 72nd Street & Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL      

Cape Florida Lighthouse   -   FLHM 
  Cape Florida State Recreation Area      

Charles Avenue   -   HASF 
  Main Highway & Charles Avenue, Coconut Grove, Miami, FL WMKJYD      

Churches   -    
  on Charles Avenue just east of SW 37th Ave, Miami, FL WMXMC2      

City of Coral Gables   -   DAR 
  t the eastern end of the Miracle Mile at Douglas Rd., Coral Gables, FL WMZ63A      

Coast Survey Base Marker   -   HASF 
  on Key Biscayne, Miami, FL      

Cocoanut Grove Public Utilities Company   -   HASF 
  Devon Road, Coconut Grove, Miami, FL WMXKZ3      

Coconut Grove Library   -   FLHM F-887
  2875 McFarlane Ave, Coconut Grove, Miami, FL WMXNET      

Coconut Grove Playhouse   -   FLHM F-900
  3500 Main Highway Coconut Grove, Miami, FL WMXNER      

Collins Bridge   -   HASF 
  East end of Venetjan Causeway, Miami Beach.      

Coral Gables Golf And Country Club   -   FLHM F-543
  on N Greenway Dr near Granada Blvd, Coral Gables, FL WM3ZVZ      

Coral Gables House   -   FLHM 
  907 Coral Way, Coral Gables, FL      

Coral Gables Merrick House   -   FLHM F-455
  on 24th St at Toledo St, Coral Gables, FL WM3ZQY      

Coral Gables Miracle Mile   -    
  on the Miracle Mile (FL 972) east of Southwest 42nd Avenue (FL 953), Coral Gables, FL WMZ5MK      

Coral Gables Plantation Packing House   -    
  under a banyan tree at Castile and S. Greenway in Coral Gables, FL WMKJAJ      

Coral Gables Waterway   -   FLHM 
  At the Cartagena Plaza, on 42nd Ave, Coral Gables, FL. WM408B      

Coral Gables Woman's Club   -   FLHM F-895
  1001 East Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL WMXNEN      

Cushman school   -    
  on US 1 at NE 60th Street, Miami, FL WM7YX8      

Dinner Key   -   HASF 
  In front of City Hall, Dinner Key, Miami      

Doc Thomas House-Home of Tropical Audubon Society   -   FLHM F-899
  5530 Sunset Dr. (SW 72nd St), South Miami, FL WMXKZ1      

E.W.F. Stirrup House   -   FLHM F-886
  3242 Charles Ave, Miami, FL WMXMCM      

Evangelist Street Charles Avenue   -   FLHM F-885
  at Charles Avenue and SW 37th Ave, Miami, FL WMXMC1      

First Baptist Church   -    
  240 N. Krome Ave., Homestead, FL      

First Telephone Exchange   -   HASF 
  wall of Southern Bell Telephone's Miami Office, N.E. 2nd Street      

Fort Brickell   -   HASF 
  Brickell Avenue, Miami.      

Freedom House (Casa De La Ubertad)   -   HASF 
  Miami International Airport      

Freedom House (Casa De La Ubertad)   -   HASF 
  Miami International Airport      

Friendship Tree   -   DAR 
  at Grenada Blvd and Castile Ave, Coral Gables, FL WMZ681      

George Allen Avenue   -    
  on at George Allen Ave at Oak Ave, Coral Gables, FL WMXX1T      

George Edgar Merrick 1886~1942   -   HASF 
  In Merrick Circle, front of City Hall, Coral Gables WMKJKA      

GFWC Coco Plum Woman's Club   -   FLHM F-980
  1375 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL WMZ637      

Grace Methodist Church   -   HASF 
  6501 North Miami Ave., Miami.      

Great Miami Hurricane of 1926   -   FLHM 
  1st Ave at 1st St, Miami, FL WM47FM      

Haulover Beach Sport Fishing Docks   -   FLHM F-468
  in Haulover Beach Park, along Collins Ave, north of Bay Harbor, Island WM3ZWB      

Historic Air Link   -   HASF 
  Miami International Airport at central entrance to main terminal from upper and lower public parking area      

Historic Lemon Avenue   -   FLHM F-949
  at the water at the end of NW 62nd St, Miami, FL WMXNX1      

Historic Town Hall   -    
  41 N Krome Ave, Homestead, FL      

Historical Entrance Building   -    
  at the building on South Red Rd, Pinecrest, FL WMXKT0      

Historical Museum Of Southern Florida   -   HASF 
  3280 South Miami Ave., Bldg. B., Miami      

Housekeepers Club   -    
  South Bayshore Drive & McFarlane Road, Coconut Grove, Miami,, FL WMXNA0      

Housekeepers-Womans Club of Coconut Grove   -   FLHM F-888
  2985 South Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL WMXNA2      

Hurricane Andrew   -    
  Biscayne National Park WM6HNA      

Impact of the 'Bay Of Pigs' On Miami   -   HASF 
  S. W. 27th Avenue & Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove, Miami, FL WMZ5VA      

James Deering 1854-1925   -   HASF 
  In front of main entrance to Vizcaya, 3251 S. Miami, FLAve., Miami      

Lemon City Cemetery   -   FLHM F-976
  485 NW 71st St., Miami, FL WMZH97      

Lemon City Library   -   HASF 
  N.E. 6th Street & 4th Court, Miami, FL      

Lemon City Library   -   FLHM F-948
  southwest corner of NE 61st St and NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL WMXNJD      

Lemon City Pharmacy-Dr. Dupuis Office   -   FLHM F-947
  at NE 2nd Ave and NE 61st St, Miami, FL WMXNWX      

Lemon City Port   -   FLHM F-946
  at the water at the end of NE 62nd St, Miami, FL WMXNX0      

Lemon City Post Office   -   FLHM F-945
  northwest corner of NE 61st St and NE 4th Ct., Miami, FL WMXNJA      

Lemon City Train Station   -   FLHM F-944
  on NE 61st St at the railroad, Miami, FL WMXNJE      

Little Haiti's Mache Ayisyen-"The Caribbean Marketplace"   -   FLHM F-1009
  at NE 2nd Ave. and NE 59th Terr., Miami, FL WMZH9E      

Mariah Brown House   -   FLHM F-891
  3298 Charles Ave, Miami, FL WMXMCG      

Menendez on Biscayne Bay 1567   -    
  Gesu Catholic Church, 118 NE 2nd St, Miami, FL WMXXF5      

Miami City Cemetery   -   FLHM 

Miami International Airport   -   HASF 
  At entrance to Pan American World Airways Facilities Bldg., 5300 N. W. 36th St., Miami.      

Miami Stadium   -   FLHM F-974
  2625 NW 10th Ave, Miami, FL WMXXF8      

NAS Miami Pan Am Seaplane Base   -   FLHM F-889
  Pan American Blvd and South Bayshore Dr, Coconut Grove, Miami, FL WMXNEY      

Naval Air Station Richmond WWII L.T.A. Facility   -   HASF 
  Gold Coast Railroad Museum, 2450 SW 152 Street, Miami, FL WMZ6DE      

NW 36th Street Bridge   -   FLHM F-821
  on FL 948 (NW 36th St) at NW South River Dr., Miami, FL WMXXFA      

Office of Dr. James Jackson, Miami's First Physician   -   FLHM F-922
  in front of the Dade Heritage Trust at 190 SE 12 Terrace, Miami, FL WMXX79      

Old Cutler Road   -   FLHM F-715
  entrance to Old Cutler Rd. south of Cartagena Plaz WMN9TP      

Old Cutler Road Former Site of the Town of Cutler   -   FLHM 
  Old Cutler Rd.      

Old Davie School   -   FLHM F-534
  on Griffin Rd at the Old Davie School Historical Museum, between 65th Ave and Walsh Rd, Davie, FL WM667W      

Operation Pedro Pan   -   FLHM F-739
  155 NW 14th St, Homestead, FL WMXKDD      

Peacock Inn   -   HASF 
  Coconut Grove, Bayfront Park, Miami, FL      

Pinewood (Cocoplum) Cemetery   -   FLHM F-470
  on Erwin Rd at SW 74th St, Coral Gables, FL WMXX1N      

Pinewood Cemetery (Cocoplum)   -   DAR 
  on Erwin Rd at SW 74th St, Coral Gables, FL WMXX1Q      

Pioneer Boat Builders' Site -- 1947   -   FLHM F-561
  975 North West 95th Street WM408P      

Port of Miami   -   FLHM F-816
  at Port Blvd and Biscayne Blvd (US 1), Miami, FL WMXX7A      

Ransom School   -   HASF 
  3575 Main Highway, Miami, FL WMKJYY      

Silver Bluff   -   HASF 
  Ransom-Everglades School, S. Bayshore Drive, Miami      

Special Agent Jerry Dove, Special Agent Benjamin Grogan   -    
  at SW 82nd Ave and SW 122nd St, Coral Gables, FL WMXX1J      

St. Mary First Missionary Baptist Church   -   FLHM F-803
  136 Frow Ave, Coral Gables, FL WMXNA1      

State of Florida Historic Roadway   -    
  On N 42nd Ave at Riviera Dr, Coral Gables, FL. WM3ZW4      

Tamiami Trail   -   HASF 
  Beside Tamiami Trail-U.S. 41-t of Miami City Limits.      

Tequesta   -    
  Gesu Catholic Church, 118 NE 2nd St, Miami, FL WMXXF6      

The Art Deco Tower   -    
  1300 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL      

The Barnacle   -   FLHM F-405
  on Main Hwy south of Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove, FL WMKJAF      

The Coconut Grove Library   -    
  2875 McFarlane Ave, Miami, FL WMXKZ4      

The Concession Stand   -    
  Virginia Key Beach Park, Virginia Beach Dr, Key Biscayne, FL WMXX1W      

The Dance Pavilion   -    
  Virginia Key Beach Park, Virginia Beach Dr, Key Biscayne, FL WMXX1Y      

The Historic 1926 White Way Lights   -    
  University Dr and Riviera Dr, Coral Gables, FL WMXNF2      

The Historic Coconut Grove Cemetery   -    
  Charles Ave at SW 37th Ave., Miami, FL WMXMC6      

The Perrine Land Grant   -   FLHM F-215
  U.S. 1 at 16165 S. Dixie Highway WM3ZQV      

The Railroad That Went To Sea   -    
  City Park, Homestead      

The Seminole Theater   -    
  22 N. Krome Ave, Homestead, FL      

The Town of Peters   -    
  S Dixie Hwy (US 1) at 183rd St, Miami, FL      

Tile Coconut Grove Library   -   HASF 
  2875 McFarlane Road, Miami, FL      

Tile Perrine Land Grant   -    
  In Perrine Wayside Park, U.S. 1 & S. W. 164th Street, Perrine.      

Troop 7 Log Cabin   -   FLHM 
  in Granada Golf Course in Coral Gables, FL WMKJAK      

Tuttle Home   -   FLHM 
  vicinty of Fort Dallas on Miami River      

U Of M Opened Here   -   HASF 
  University Court & University Drive, Coral Gables, fl WMXN9Z      

U.S. Coast Base Survey Marker   -    
  Along the shore at Cape Florida Park Blvd in Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, Key Biscayne, FL. WM3ZVD      

U.S. Coast Guard Station Hanger   -   FLHM F-892
  2600 Bayshore Dr, Coconut Grove, Miami, FL WMXNF1      

Venetian Pool   -   HASF 
  2701 DeSoto Blvd., Coral Gables, fl      

Virginia Key Beach State Park   -   FLHM F-573
  in Virginia Beach County Park on Virginia Key, FL WM408R      

Whilden-Carrier Cottage   -    
  in the parking area of Pinecrest, SW 111th St, Pinecrest, FL WMXX1M      

Women Take Action in Coral Gables (The Roxcy O'Neal Bolton House)   -   FLHM F-409
  Alhambra Circle and Madrid, West Miami, FL WM408W      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.