Nassau County (45)

Historic Markers Across Florida


Nassau County was created on 1824.

The county seat is in Fernandina Beach, FL.,
and the county is 652  Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 12089

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There are 41 Historic Markers in Nassau County.

A Dune System Called "Nana"   -   FLHM F-660
  On Ocean Blvd, American Beach, FL WM9DW2      

Amelia Island Lighthouse   -    
  At the end of Calhoun Street, Fernandina Beach, FL WM8VAT      

American Beach at the Crossroads/The Crossroads Today   -   NPS 
  Ocean Blvd in American Beach, Amelia Island, FL WMP5NC      

American Revolutionary War Patriots Who Settled in Nassau County, Florida   -   DAR 
  Veterans Memorial at Central Park on Atlantic Ave, Fernandina Beach, FL WMQXEP      

Andrew Young Crossing   -    
  itersection of King St (Business U.S. 1) and St George St, Saint Augustine, FL      

Battle of Thomas Creek   -   FLHM 
  on U.S. 1 at Thomas Creek      

Casa de Nicolas de Ortega   -    
  70 St George St, Saint Augustine, FL      

David L. Yulee   -    
  Along Alachua St at N 3rd St in Fernandina Beach, FL WMP5NP      

Egmont Plantation   -   DAR 
  intersection of Atlantic Avenue (State Road A1A) and North Wolff St, Fernandina Beach, FL WMXRW1      

Ervin's Rest   -   FLHM F-956
  5448 Gregg St, Fernandina Beach, FL WMXRVZ      

Fairbanks Home   -   FLHM 
  on South 7th Street near Cedar Street in Fernandina Beach, FL WM47W8      

Fernandez Grant   -   FLHM F-198
  in front of Saint Michael's Catholic Church on N. 4th Street. WM47VV      

First Home on American Beach   -   FLHM F-880
  5466 Gregg St in American Beach, FL WMQP0P      

First Methodist Work in Florida   -    
  601 Centre St Fernandina Beach, FL WMQ0PZ      

First Presbyterian Church   -    
  on North 6th St. near Alachua St, Fernandina Beach, FL WMGCCF      

Florida House - Jose Marti   -    
  in front of the Florida House Inn in 3rd Street in Fernandina Beach, FL WM482H      

Florida's First Atlantic to Gulf Railroad   -   FLHM F-28
  Atlantic Avenue & Front Street WM3M1G      

Fort San Carlos   -   FLHM F-250
  in Fernandina Plaza Historic State Park on Estrada Street in Fernandina Beach, FL WM47W2      

Franklintown Chapel   -   FLHM F-737
  1415 Lewis Street in American Beach, FL WMQC9B      

Historic American Beach   -   FLHM F-417
  on Waldron St at Lewis St, Amelia Island, FL WM4FW0      

Historic Florida Railroad   -    
  at the depot on CR 108 (Brandies Ave) in Callahan, FL WMQP1A      

Italia   -   FLHM F-731
  On Buccaneer Trail (Route 200), Yulee, FL WMF11A      

Kings Ferry   -   FLHM F-820
  on Bill Johnson Rd at the boat ramp on the St. Mary's River, Kings Ferry, FL WMQXEY      

Martha's Hideaway   -   FLHM F-626
  on Ervin Street in American Beach, Florida WM4GMY      

McClure's Hill   -    
  N 14th St near Leon St, Fernandina Beach, FL WM482N      

Memorial United Methodist Church   -   FLHM F-371
  NE Corner of Centre and Sixth Streets WM3M23      

Mount Olive Baptist Church   -    
  County Road 107, Nassauville, FL WMQ9B1      

New Zion Baptist Church   -   FLHM F-443
  10 South Street, Amelia Island WM3M1N      

Old Fernandina/Shipwreck, Slavery and Survival   -    
  Fernandina Plaza Historic State Park in old Fernandina, FL WMPZ1B      

Old Spanish Chimney and Well   -   FLHM F-242
  intersection of Old Beach Rd and Riviera St, Saint Augustine, FL      

Peck High School   -   FLHM F-873
  in front of the school between S 10th St and S 11th St at Fir St., Fernandina Beach, FL WMQXED      

Phelan-Verot House Built Prior to 1866   -   FLHM F-419
  on 4th St between Alachua and Broome Streets, Fernandina Beach, FL WM482K      

Plaza San Carlos   -   FLHM F-249
  in Fernandina Plaza Historic State Park on Estrada Street in Fernandina Beach, FL. WM47VZ      

Post Office Lamp Posts   -    
  Post Office on Centre St Fernandina Beach, FL WMQ0PV      

Representative George A. Crady-Floridian, Friend, Citizen, Legislator, and Fisherman   -    
  north entrance to the George Crady Bridge Fishing Pier State Park, Fernandina Beach, FL WMP5N5      

Revolutionary War Invasion of British East Florida   -    
  Centre Street near the old train depot in historic downtown Fernandina Beach, Florida.      

St. Peter's Church (Episcopal)   -   FLHM F-50
  Atlantic Avenue, next to church WM3M1K      

The Battle of Waterman's Bluff   -   FLHM F-935
  at the entrance of the Waterman's Bluff subdivision at Lents Rd and Haren Rd, Yulee, FL WMXRWC      

The Good Shepherd Church 1887-1966   -   FLHM F-846
  on N 9th St behind St. Peter's Episcopal Church, 801 Atlantic Ave, Fernandina Beach, FL WMQP0W      

The Lesesne House   -   FLHM F-376
  on Centre Street in historic downtown Fernandina Beach, Florida, and is considered to be one of the oldest inhabited houses on Amelia Island. WM3M27      

U.S. Post Office-Customs House-Courthouse   -   FLHM F-931
  401 Centre St., Fernandina Beach, FL WMXRW4      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.