Palm Beach County (50)

Historic Markers Across Florida


Palm Beach County was created on 1909.

The county seat is in West Palm Beach, FL.,
and the county is 2,034  Square Miles in area.

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There are 90 Historic Markers in Palm Beach County.

1913 Boynton Elementary School   -   FLHM F-627
  at the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum, 129 East Ocean Ave., Boynton Beach, FL WMRV8P      

1916 Palm Beach County Courthouse   -   FLHM F-712
  301 N Olive Ave West Palm Beach, FL WMRTQ8      

Atlantic Avenue Crossing   -   FLHM F-717
  Atlantic Ave in Veterans Park, Delray Beach, FL WMRTX6      

Beach Dedication   -    
  FL A1A at Bay St., Delray Beach, FL WMRTWM      

Belle Glade 1928   -    
  725 NW 4th St, Belle Glade, FL      

Bethesda Memorial Hospital   -   FLHM F-785
  at the hospital entrance-2815 South Seacrest Blvd, Boynton Beach, FL WMRV8Q      

Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church   -   DAR 
  302 Maddock St. Access, Palm Beach, FL WMRV02      

Boca Raton Town Hall   -   FLHM F-333
  71 North Federal Highway. WM402J      

Boynton Woman's Club   -   FLHM F-355
  US 1 at SE 10th Ave in parking area, Boynton Beach, FL WMRVWX      

Cason Cottage   -   FLHM F-718
  NE 3rd St and N. Swinton Ave, Delray Beach, FL WMRTZR      

Celestial RR   -   DAR 
  at Pegasus Park on Florida A1A, Juno Beach, FL WM6VH2      

Central Schools-Palm Beach High School   -    
  in front of the Dreyfoos School of the Arts on Sapodilla St at Hibiscus Ave, West Palm Beach, FL WMRTZW      

Chapel of the Holy Spirit   -   FLHM F-771
  1325 Cardinal Ln, Lantana, FL WMRV8R      

City of Delray Beach History   -    
  B.F. James and Frances Jane Bright Mini-Park on NW 5th Ave just north of Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL WMRTZG      

Clematis Street Commercial Historic District   -   FLHM F-460
  on Clematis Street between N Quadrille Blvd (US 1) and N Rosemary Ave. WM7HJZ      

Coastal Patrol Base No. 3, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) 1942-1943   -   FLHM F-579
  on W Lantana Rd next to the Palm Beach County Airport Park. WM7GWJ      

Cocoanut Grove House   -   FLHM F-727
  Lake Trail and Pendleton Ln., Palm Beach, FL WMRV5P      

Connors' Toll Highway   -   FLHM F-312
  U.S. 98 WMN9TQ      

Del-Ida Park Historic District   -   FLHM F-665
  at N. Swinton Ave and NE 5th St., Delray Beach, FL WMRP78      

Del-Ida Park Historic District   -   FLHM F-666
  on George Bush Blvd at 2nd Ave., Delray Beach, FL WM7T8B      

Delray Beach Hotel   -   FLHM F-847
  126 North Ocean Blvd., Delray Beach, FL WMRTWR      

Delray History   -    
  B.F. James and Frances Jane Bright Mini-Park on NW 5th Ave just north of Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL WMRTZQ      

Delray Wreck   -   FLHM F-327
  on the city's municipal beach, along A1A WM635N      

Dive Into History (Ano-1659)   -    
  Lighthouse Park, Captian Armours Way, Jupiter, FL WMRNYQ      

Duck's Nest   -    
  305 Maddock Way, Palm Beach, FL WMRV01      

El Cid Neighborhood   -   FLHM F-390
  South Flagler Drive at Pershing Way, West Palm Beach, FL WM7HHW      

Episcopal Church of Bethesda-By-The-Sea   -   FLHM F-113
  A1A and Barton on grounds of church. WMJ48      

Everglades Research   -    
  3200 E Canal St S, Belle Glade, FL WMZH9R      

Evergreen Cemetery   -   FLHM F-466
  2825 N. Rosemary Ave. WMRV8Y      

Evergreen Cemetery   -   FLHM F-757
  West Lantana Rd and Arnold Ave in the cemetery, Lantana, FL WMRV8V      

F.E.C. Railway Depot, Boca Raton   -   FLHM 
  747 South Dixie Highway, Boca Raton, FL WM407E      

First Post Office in Palm Beach   -   FLHM 
  along the northern portion of North Lake Trail   

First Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall   -   FLHM F-653
  33 Gleason St., Delray Beach, FL WMRTX3      

First Schoolhouse   -   DAR 
  at the City Hall Annex-414 Lake Ave., Lake Worth, FL      

First Town Hall   -   DAR 
  State Hwy 805 just north of Lake Ave, Lake Worth, FL WM904G      

Flagler Park   -   FLHM F-423
  on N Flagler Dr at Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL WMPAV      

Flamingo Park   -   FLHM F-424
  at the intersection of South Dixie Highway (U.S. 1) and Park Place, West Palm Beach, FL WMJ4G      

Flamingo Park Historic District   -   FLHM F-442
  on Georgia Ave between Flamingo Dr and Kanuga Dr, West Palm Beach, FL WMJ4C      

Florida East Coast Railway Station   -   FLHM F-375
  200 NE First St, Delray Beach, FL WM407R      

Former State of Florida Board of Health Laboratory c.1921.   -    
  US 1 (N. Quadrille Blvd) at 5th St., West Palm Beach, FL WMRV01      

Ft Jupiter-Jupiter Lighthouse   -   DAR 
  At Burt Reynolds Park, 801 No. US 1, Jupiter, FL WM4Y2W      

Grandview Heights Historic District   -   FLHM F-509
  at Florida Ave and Palm St, West Palm Beach, FL WMJ49      

Historic Banyan Trees   -   FLHM F-720
  Mac Arthur Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL WMRP5J      

Historic Jupiter School   -   FLHM F-650
  on S Loxahatchee Dr at 2nd St, Jupiter, FL WM7DPP      

Hurricane of 1928 Mass Burial Site   -   FLHM F-450
  In the cemetery, E Tamarind Ave, West Palm Beach, FL WM7HMQ      

J.B. Evans House also known as The Sandoway House Nature Center   -   FLHM F-617
  At the Sandoway House Nature Center on US A1A, Delray Beach, FL. WM4088      

Jesup's Battle - January 24, 1838   -   FLHM F-695
  9060 W Indiantown Rd, Jupiter, FL WMRV5Q      

Jupiter Inlet Midden 1   -    
  In Dubois Park on Bubois Park Rd. WM5T9H      

Jupiter Inlet Shipwrecks 1600-1700s   -   FLHM F-753
  Jupiter Beach Park, Ocean Trail Way, Jupiter, FL WMRP81      

Jupiter Lighthouse   -    
  at the base of the historic Jupiter Lighthouse on Captain Armours Way. WM4D2T      

L.M. Davis Elementary School   -   FLHM F-890
  18301 Limestone Creek Rd, WMRP7A      

Lake Park Town Hall   -   FLHM F-416
  535 Park Avenue, West Palm Beach,FL WMDNN3      

Little Red Schoolhouse-First Schoolhouse in Southeast Florida   -   FLHM F-694
  2185 South Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL WMRV5Q      

Marina Historic District   -   FLHM F-663
  on Palm Sq, Delray Beach, FL WM8EJK      

Marina Historical District   -   FLHM F-664
  in the traffic circle at SE 2nd Street and SE 7th Ave, Delray Beach, FL WMRTX7      

Marquis Bayou Bridge   -   FLHM F-782
  at the west end of the bridge, on the north side, U.S. 90 , Milton, FL      

Military Trail   -   FLHM F-631
  On Perry Ave at W Indiantown Rd, Jupiter, FL WM53N9      

Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church & Cemetery   -   FLHM F-773
  6823 Church St, Jupiter, FL WMRP7C      

Nassau Park Historic District   -   FLHM F-661
  Venetian Dr and Nassau St, Delray Beach, FL WMRTX0      

North Ocean Boulevard   -   FLHM F-495
  A1A s.1 miles north of George Bush Blvd (FL Route 806A), Delray Beach, FL WM407Y      

North Ocean Boulevard   -   FLHM F-490
  North Ocean Boulevard Paid Advertisement Click on the ad for more information. Please report objectionable advertising to the Editor. (Florida Route A1A) and Sea Rd, Delray Beach,FL WM4085      

Old Dade County Court House   -   DAR 
  US-1, south of Kathy Ln, Palm Beach Gardens, FL WMRP5F      

Old Northwood Historic District   -   FLHM F-586
  on Spruce Ave between 34th and 35th Streets, West Palm Beach, FL. WM7HMX      

Old School Square Historic District   -   FLHM F-669
  342 N Swinton Ave, Delray Beach, FL WMRP5P      

Old St. Ann's Church   -   DAR 
  N. Olive Ave at 2nd St.-310 N. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach, FL WMRTPY      

Orange Grove House of Refuge No. 3 - 1876-1927   -   FLHM F-148
  along A1A near Coconut Rd, Delray Beach, FL WM7CYQ      

Palm Beach Junior Collage   -   FLHM F-346
  813 Gardenia St, West Palm Beach, FL WM7HJV      

Palm Beach Junior College   -   FLHM F-248
  at the administration building, 6th Ave. S. & Congress Ave., Lake Worth, FL WM1EHT      

Pioneer Memorial Park   -    
  on S Dixie Hwy (US 1) south of Jefferson Rd, West Palm Beach, FL WM7HJG      

Powell's Battle   -   FLHM F-646
  In the Loxahatchee River Bend Park on W Indiantown Rd (rout 706) Jupiter, FL WM62BW      

Rabbit Hill   -   DAR F-169
  South Lake Trail, Palm Beach, FL   

Royal Poinciana Chapel   -   DAR 
  on the wall of the chapel at 60 Cocoanut Row, Palm Beach, FL WMRV5J      

Royal Poinciana Hotel   -   FLHM F-19
  between Towers Hotel and Royal Poinciana Court WMRV5H      

Sandoway House And Nature Center   -   FLHM 
  142 S. Ocean Blvd. Delray Beach      

Sawfish Bay   -   FLHM F-587
  1133 North Alternate A1A, Jupiter, FL WM5JC1      

Sea Gull Cottage - Palm Beache's Oldest House   -   FLHM F-340
  at Sea Gull Cottage, 60 Coconut Row WMJ4A      

Seaboard Air Line Station   -   FLHM F-349
  Tarmarind Ave. at Datura St., station courtyard, West Palm Beach, FL WMJ4B      

Site of the Palm Beach Pier   -    
  FL A1A (South Ocean Blvd) at Worth Ave., Palm Beach, FL WMRV5M      

South Lake Worth Inlet   -   FLHM F-596
  in Ocean Inlet Park off FL A1A-6990 North Ocean Blvd., Ocean Ridge, FL WMRV8M      

Stub Canal Turning Basin   -   FLHM F-440
  Palm Beach County, 650 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL   

Tennessee Volunteers and Militia Camp   -    
  6264 Winding Lake Dr., Jupiter, FL WMRP96      

The Barefoot Mailman   -   FLHM F-180
  at Spanish River Park, A1A, Boca Raton, FL WM407G      

The Jupiter and Lake Worth Railway, "Celestial Railroad" 1889-1895   -   FLHM F-702
  18085 N FL A1A, Jupiter, FL WMYYDE      

The Sanborn Wall   -    
  350 S Ocean Blvd, Boca Raton, FL      

U.S. Jupiter Life Saving Station   -   DAR 
  Carlin Park, 6 Van Kessel Pkwy, Jupiter, FL WMRP83      

United States Life Saving Station Jupiter Inlet 1885-1899   -   FLHM F-703
  Carlin Park, 6 Van Kessel Pkwy, Jupiter, FL WMRP82      

West Palm Beach Fishing Club   -   FLHM F-975
  201 Fifth St, West Palm Beach, FL WMYYDD      

West Settlers Historical District   -   FLHM F-667
  NW 4th Ave and NW 2nd St., Delray Beach, FL WMRTXJ      

West Settlers Historical District   -   FLHM F-668
  on 5th Ave just north of Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach, FL WMRTX9      

World War II U.S. Naval Housing Building   -   FLHM F-588
  500 Captain Armours Way, Jupiter, FL WM2Q69      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.