Putnam County (54)

Historic Markers Across Florida


Putnam County was created on 1849.

The county seat is in Palatka, FL.,
and the county is 722  Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 12107

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There are 20 Historic Markers in Putnam County.

Asa Philip Randolph   -   FLHM F-564
  intersection of Eucaliptus Avenue and Cedar Street, Crescent City WMJ30      

Battle at Horse Landing   -    
  380 Boys Ranch Rd Palatka, FL WMDEJZ      

Bronson-Mulholland House   -   FLHM F-828
  100 Madison St, Palatka, Fl. WMNTMX      

Cross Florida Barge Canal   -   FLHM 
  S.R. 19 south of Rodman.      

Cross Florida Barge Canal Memorial   -   FLHM F-123
  on private road off S.R. 19, S. of Rodman at Roden WMDEDH      

Florida's First Bicentennial Park   -    
  on Grand Rondo E in the park along the shore of Stella Lake in Crescent City, FL WMQ88H      

Fort Shannon   -   FLHM F-51
  S.R. 100 in Fort Shannon Park WM2FV1      

Hotel James   -    
  300 St. Johns Ave, Palatka, FL      

Lincoln Lane Schoolhouse   -   FLHM F-844
  Lincoln Lane at George St., Interlachen, FL WMPZY1      

Melrose   -   FLHM F-328
  Melrose Heritage Park between Cypress Ave and Grove Ave, Melrose, FL WM3449      

Melrose Cemetery   -   FLHM F-678
  on FL 21 at South St, Melrose, FL WMTEZG      

Melrose High School   -   FLHM F-894
  on FL 26 at FL 21, Melrose, FL WMTEZE      

Melrose Woman's Club   -   FLHM F-272
  307 Pine Street, in front of Woman's Club WMEKPW      

Mount Royal   -    
  Mount Royal Airpark on Indian Mound Dr., Crescent City, FL WMPZYH      

Mount Royal   -    F-411
  On Co. Rd. 309 at Mt. Royal Ave, Crescent City, FL WM2V9F      

Palatka   -   FLHM F-83
  S.R. 100 in front of Police station, Palatka, FL WMJ2N      

Rollestown   -   FLHM F-7
  U.S. 17, east side of St. Johns River, E.Palatka P      

St. Mark's Episcopal Church   -   FLHM F-84
  Main Street & Second Street.      

The Edgar Post Office   -   FLHM F-736
  on Ft. McMeekin Hwy (CR 20A) in the small community of Edgar, FL WMTTYH      

The Mount Royal Site   -   FLHM F-299
  Mount Royal Airpark on Indian Mound Dr., Crescent City, FL WMPZY0      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.