Sarasota County (58)

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Sarasota County was created on 1921.

The county seat is in Sarasota, FL.,
and the county is 572  Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 12115

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There are 64 Historic Markers in Sarasota County.

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Station   -    
  east end of Main Street, Sarasota, FL WM9FXW      

Avondale   -    
  on Bahia Vista St a block west of US 41, Sarasota, FL WMQM8G      

Bee Ridge Turpentine Camp   -    
  4540 Clark Rd. (FL 72), Sarasota, FL WMPTB6      

Bidwell-Wood House   -    
  1260 12th St. in Pioneer Park, Sarasota, FL WMRNY1      

Bispham Dairy   -    
  on US 41 at the site of the Historic Bispham Dairy in Sarasota, Florida. WM4N83      

Buchan Airport and Tamiami Trail   -    
  On Old Eaglewood Rd at the Buchan Airport, Eaglewood, FL WM5WE7      

Buchans Landing - Hub of Englewood   -    
  W. Dearborn St and Old Englewood Rd. Englewood, FL WM5XCG      

CA'D'ZAN - House of John   -    
  Bay Shore Rd, Sarasota, FL WMPPMX      

Cadzan: House of John   -    
  on N Tamiami Trail (US 41), Sarasota, FL WM2JMQ      

Casey's Pass   -    
  along the "Venice Inlet." Under the drawbridge on Venice Avenue. WM6EYD      

Cedar Point/Sunset Park-Cedar Point/Golden Gate Point   -    
  on John Ringling Causeway at Golden Gate Point, Sarasota, FL WMRXYD      

City of Sarasota   -    
  On N Pineapple Ave near Main St, Sarasota, FL WMJHFZ      

Complexus   -    
  1 Sarasota Tower - Bayfront, FL WMN1F4      

Edwards Theatre 1926   -    
  at the intersection of N Pineapple Ave and 1st St., Sarasota, FL WMJFEQ      

First Black Community   -    
  near the intersection of Central Ave and the Blvd of the Arts, Sarasota, FL WMJFEP      

First Municpal Airport Lowe Field   -    
  on N Beneva Rd south of 12th St, Sarasota, FL WM2KFR      

Franklin Field   -    
  Fruitville Rd at Rhodes Ave, Sarasota, FL WMNJHF      

Fred Albee Municipal Airport   -    
  along the "Venice Inlet." Under the drawbridge on Venice Avenue. WM6EYJ      

Green Street Church and Museum   -    
  on W Green St between Magnolia Ave and Winson Ave., Englewood, FL WM682Y      

Harding Circle Historic District   -   FLHM F-499
  on St Armanda Circle, Sarasota, FL WM5ZVD      

Historic Palm Tower   -    
  on the front wall of the Historic Palm Tower, at the intersection of Main St and S. Palm Ave, Sarasota, FL WMJHG9      

Historic Spanish Point   -    
  on the Tamiami Trail (US 41) at Green St. Osprey. WM2YDM      

Indian Beach   -    
  on Bay Shore Rd at Myrtle St, Sarasota, FL WM23Y1      

John D. MacDonald 1916-1986/John D. and the Friday Liars   -    
  North Pineapple Ave south of 1st St, Sarasota, FL WMRXYF      

John Ringling Vision for St Armands Key/Allegory of Sarasota, Its Seven Virtues   -    
  On St Armands Circle, Sarasota, FL WM5ZV2      

Judah Phillip Benjamin   -    
  on a small access road off of N Tamiami Trail (US 41), south of 10th St, Sarasota, FL WM3046      

Landing of the Scots   -   FLHM F-102
  U.S. 41 & Gulfstream Avenue WM5ZTM      

Laurel Turpentine and Lumber Industry   -    
  Laurel Rd at Mission Valley Blvd., Laurel, FL WM6EYA      

Lemon Bay Cemetery   -    
  S Indiana Ave. (rout 776), Englewood, FL. WM4NXV      

Lemon Bay Woman's Club   -    
  51 N. Maple St., Englewood, FL WM5WE7      

Little Salt Spring   -    
  on W Price Blvd at Hyder Terrace, North Port, FL WM3BTC      

Mary Wyatt Whitaker   -   DAR 
  at 1232 12th St., Sarasota, FL WMRNXY      

Methodist Church   -    
  on S Pineapple Ave at State St, Sarasota, FL WM304A      

Municipal Auditorium Recreation Center and Hazzard Fountain   -    
  on a small access road off of N Tamiami Trail (US 41), south of 10th St, Sarasota, FL WM303X      

Nokomis School   -    
  at Nokomis Community Park on Nippino Trail. WM4QF4      

Oaklands/Woodlawn Cemetery   -    
  at the end of Gillespie Ave south of 12th St, Sarasota, FL WMQM89      

Old Miakka School   -    
  On Wilson Rd., Sarasota, FL WMEXP7      

Osprey School   -    
  on the Tamiami Trail (US 41) between Spanish Point Rd and W Oak St. Osprey. WM4C6F      

Owen Burns (1869 - 1937)   -    
  On S. Pineapple Ave near Oak St, Sarasota, FL WM9KQ9      

Pioneer Court   -    
  W Venice Ave just east of Armada Rd, Venice, FL WM4QW9      

Prehistoric Man Lived Here / Spring Was Once A Cave   -    
  on San Servando Ave., North Port, FL WM41NZ      

Rosemary Cemetery   -    
  on Central Ave, Sarasota, FL WM304K      

Sarasota County Agricultural Fair   -    
  3000 Ringling Boulevard, Sarasota, FL WMNJGX      

Sarasota County Courthouse   -    
  2000 Main St, Sarasota, FL WMJHG9      

Sarasota War Memorial/The Doughboy   -    
  in a park on Main St at Bayfront Dr (US 41), Sarasota, FL WMM38Z      

Sarasota Woman's Club   -   FLHM F-493
  on N Palm Ave west of Coconut Ave, Sarasota, FL WM3047      

Sarasota's Bayfront   -    
  Island Park Drive, Sarasota, FL. WMN1CV      

Seaboard Railway Depot   -    
  on N Lemon Ave between Main and 1st St., Sarasota, FL WM304B      

Southside School   -    
  om Webber St Between S Tamiana and S Osprey Ave, Sarasota, FL. WM304E      

St. Martha Mission Church   -    
  the intersection of Fruitville Rd (FL Route 780) and Adelia Ave, Sarasota, FL WM9XVJ      

The Calusa and Seminole Peoples   -    
  W Venice Ave just west of Ave. Des Parques, Venice, FL WM4QM4      

The Circle at St Armands   -    
  On St Armands Circle, Sarasota, FL WM5ZV5      

The Circus in Venice   -    
  on the Tamiami Trail (US 41) south of Calle de Paradisp. WM4QKV      

The Edson Keith Estate   -    
  in Phillippi Estate Park west of US 41, Sarasota, FL WMRH9D      

The Twin Motel and Tourism   -    
  N Tamiami Trail (US 41) at 18th St., Sarasota, FL WMRP94      

The Wallendas   -    
  Arlington St near Orange Ave, Sarasota, FL WMQM8H      

Unconditional Surrender   -    
  in the park on Island Park Dr, Sarasota, FL WMMYJN      

Venezia Park   -    
  on Nassau St. S north of Sorrento St., Venice, FL WM5220      

Venice   -    
  on W Venice Ave. at Nassau St, Venice, FL WM521M      

Venice Railroad and Depot   -    
  at the Venice Railroad Depot on N Seaboard Ave., Venice, FL WM4ZJD      

Whitaker Family/Gateway 2000 Executive Committee   -    
  in Whitaker Gateway Park off of US 41, Sarasota, FL WMRNXV      

Winter Quarters   -    
  on Calliandra Dr east of N Beneva Rd., Sarasota, FL WM5ZT7      

World War II Coastal Watch Tower   -    
  on Ocean Shore Blvd (A1A) north of Spanish Waters Dr, Ormond Beach, FL WMMYNV      

Yellow Bluffs   -   FLHM F-103
  U.S. 41 & 11th Street WM2FEZ      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.