Suwannee County (61)

Historic Markers Across Florida


Suwannee County was created on 1858.

The county seat is in Live Oak, FL.,
and the county is 688  Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 12121

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There are 10 Historic Markers in Suwannee County.

Blue Star   -    
  Live Oak FL WMBN3E      

Drenched for Days   -    

Edward Waters College Original Site   -   FLHM F-955
  on Lisle Ave north of Clay St, Live Oak, FL WMXJCD      

Lynnette Ricketson Millennium Park   -    

Plot Exposed   -    
  1201 Silas Drive SW, Live Oak, FL      

Steamboating on the Suwannee   -   FLHM F-365
  at the intersection of U.S. 27 and Ivey Memorial Park Drive, Branford, FL WMZB4      

Stephen Collins Foster   -    
  County Courthouse, 200 S Ohio Ave (US 129), Live Oak, FL WMHQVR      

Suwannee County   -   FLFM F-64
  County Courthouse, 200 S Ohio Ave (US 129), Live Oak, FL WMBN38      

The Douglass Center   -   FLHM F-1000
  in front of the former school on Douglas St, Live Oak, FL WMZ2JD      

The Good Old Days   -    
  at the springs at the end of 91st Dr, Live Oak, FL WMY8MW      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.