Walton County (66)

Historic Markers Across Florida


Walton County was created on 1824.

The county seat is in DeFuniak Springs, FL.,
and the county is 1,058  Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 12131

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There are 14 Historic Markers in Walton County.

Alford's Mill   -   FLHM F-621
  1791 Oak Grove Road, Westville, FL WMNXV7      

Cosson Family Tragedy   -   FLHM F-741
  On Cosson Rd, south of Pleasant Ridge Rd., DeFuniak Springs, Florida WMNVMP      

Doolittle Raiders   -    
  Near Test Area C-72 on CR 280W(Bob Sikes Rd) east of FL 285 WMNVMP      

Eden   -   FLHM F-172
  inside Eden Garden State Park off County Highway 395, Rosa Beach, FL      

Euchee Valley Presbyterian Church And Cemetery   -   FLHM F-622
  at the intersection of County Route 183 and County Route 280, Ponce de Leon, FL WMNVN2      

Eucheeanna Community   -   FLHM F-567
  McKinnon Bridge Rd., Defuniak Springs, FL WMNVN3      

Florida's Education Association: The Beginning   -   FLHM F-307
  in front of Chamber of Commerce on Circle Drive WM87J7      

Florida's First Confederate Monument   -   FLHM F-147
  on Courthouse lawn, at the intersection of Nelson Avenue (U.S. 90) and 6th Street, DeFuniak Springs, FL.      

Freeport Masonic Hall   -    
  314 Madison Street, Freeport, FL      

Gulf Cemetery   -   FLHM F-795
  County Highway 393, south of U.S. Highway 98, Santa Rosa Beach, FL WMMW09      

Knox Hill Academy 1848   -   FLHM F-623
  at the intersection of Knox Hill Road and Pulsey Hill Road, Ponce de Leon, FL WMNVN0      

The Chautauqua Brotherhood Hall   -   FLHM F-377
  Circle Drive, Defuniak Springs, Fla. WM87J5      

Walton-Defuniak Library   -   FLHM F-267
  at intersection of Live Oak Avenue and Circle Drive Defuniak Springs, Fla. WM87J9      

Walton~Defuniak Library   -   FLHM F-267
  intersection of Live Oak Avenue and Circle Drive      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.