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Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church

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Location: 2416 S. Lipscomb St., Melbourne
County: Brevard
Waymark: None


Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church was organized in the 19th century, in the dining room of Wright and Mary Brothers´ home on Crane Creek, facing the northwest of Ups comb Street. The house is still standing. The organizers, in addition to the brothers, were Robert and Carrie Upscomb and Balam Allen and wife, all early pioneers of the Crane Creek area.

The first church was erected on the north end of Ups comb Street in 1885. At a later date the members saw the need for a new church and parsonage, and since there was not sufficient land for both, a new site was selected for the church and it was erected here in 1964.

The bell was acquired in 1928.lt is made of solid brass and weighs about 1,OOO pounds.
It was moved from the old church to the new church site by a crane.