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Front Street

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Location: Northern end of Front Street, near Indian River, Melbourne
County: Brevard
Coordinates: N 28° 4.789    W 080° 36.067
  28.07981666    -80.60111666
Waymark: None


Front Street was the original business section of Melbourne. It came into existence in the 1880´s as dry goods stores, grocery stores, a fish house (upstairs a brothel), boat building and the post office were located along the waterfront.

In 1894, Melbourne´s second newspaper, the Melbourne Times, was founded in a building on Front Street. The population of the town at the time was 157.

The Riverside Hotel was on the east side of Front Street. A city dock extended 1,400 feet into the river and steamboats stopped here.

The southern end of Front Street was originally called Hatterman´s Point, then Stewart´s Point, and later Vorkeller´s Point.

Fire destroyed all of the commercial buildings along Front Street in 1919 because the fire engine became bogged down in sand and never made it to the fire. A citizens´ bucket brigade was unable to cope with the blaze.

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