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Percy L. Hedgecock

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Location: Between the Civic Center/City Hall building on Cassia Blvd. just east of South Patrick Drive (Local Route 513), Satellite Beach, Florida
County: Brevard
Coordinates: N 28° 10.291    W 80° 36.27
  28.17151666    -803.1045
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: None


Percy L. Hedgecock
In memory -
— 1916 - 1987 —

A strong Christian man who cared for the needs of others more than his own. Founder and first Mayor of Satellite Beach. A man who invested his time, talent and resources to help others. Through 16 years of dedicated service as Mayor, from 1957 to 1973, his vision and leadership helped this town of develop into a debt-free city of 10,000 of which all can be proud.

Percy´s beliefs and legacy to each of us:
God put us on this earth to help others.
Have faith that God is good.
Lead by example.
Help those less fortunate.
Don´t quit when you believe in something.
Cultivate youth - provide facilities and means to increase each one´s potential.
Be honest - honest government is possible.
Accept a man´s word as his bond.

Most of us would like to do great things, but very few are willing to make the personal sacrifices necessary to accomplish them. Percy L. Hedgecock was one man who gladly made these sacrifices.


City: Satellite Beach, Florida,