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Riverview Hotel

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Location: Southwest corner of Pineapple Avenue on Eau Gallie Boulevard intersection, Eau Gallie.
County: Brevard
Waymark: None


A large hotel once stood on this site. It was built in the early 1890s and was originally called the Eureka Hotel, operated by Mrs. Henry R. Olmstead, wife of Eau Gallie´s postmaster.

In 1901, Preston A. McMillan purchased the hotel from the Truetler Estate and moved his family from south Merritt Island to Eau Gallie to assume control of the hotel. He changed the name to Indian River Inn. In 1902, his daughter, Jessie, was married to E.A.M. Stewart in the hotel.

In 1908, the Vant Wood Family purchased the hotel, renaming it the Vant Wood Inn. In 1911, John R. Mathers purchased the hotel and renamed it the Seminole Hotel.

Mathers added a third floor and advertised "the hotel with a view of the Atlantic. II According to a Cocoa newspaper, Mathers also covered the wooden frame building with galvanized iron.

In 1915, Mathers sold the hotel to Jacob Gosch who renamed it the Riverview Hotel. It could accommodate 200 guests, and until the Eau Gallie Yacht Club was built, the hotel served as a meeting place for clubs and weekly dances.

The hotel burned to the ground in June, 1921, taking with it two adjacent buildings.

Sponsored by: the grandchildren in memory of Jessie Stewart