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The James W. Rossetter House

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Location: 1328 Houston St. Eau Galle
County: Brevard
Coordinates: N 28° 7.713    W 080° 37.562
  28.12855    -80.62603333
Waymark: None


James Wadsworth Rossetter, Sr., came to Eau Gallie in 1902. He purchased this property in 1903. The house was built before The War Between the States and is on the former site of the Houston Family´s slave quarters. One member of that pioneer family was born in the older part of this house. This house has been enlarged over the years to its present size.

Two of the interesting features of the interior of the house are the ceilings and walls which are constructed with small pieces of wood into very unique patterns. Tradition has it that this wood was brought down by sailboat from Titusville and the designs were to please the fancy of a shipbuilder carpenter.

Early Catholic Mass was said in this house before a church was built in South Brevard. Some members of the Rossetter Family still reside at this location.