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Saturn V

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Location: Rocket Garden on the grounds of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Merritt Island, FL
County: Brevard
Coordinates: N 28° 31.412    W 080° 41.001
  28.52353333    -80.68335
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: None


Saturn V

Saturn V, the United States' largest and most powerful launch vehicle, was designed to hurl American astronauts in an Apollo capsule to the Moon. Composed of three stages and an instrument unit, the Saturn V, which stood 111 meters (363 feet) tall, had a liftoff weight of 2,812 metric tons (6,200,000 pounds), and developed 34.5 million newtons (7.7 million pounds) of thrust at liftoff. Explosive potential: 453,600 Kgs. (1,000,000 pounds) of TNT.

Thirteen Saturn V's were launched between Nov. 9, 1967 and May 14, 1973. All were erected in the Vehicle Assembly Building and moved vertically to the launch pad atop massive crawler transporters.


City: Cape Canaveral, FL

On Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, the Air Force Station is not open to public traffic. The most likely way to visit this marker is via the Kennedy Space Center bus tour from the visitor's center. You'll have to pay the general admission to the visitor's center. There is more than one bus tour available, be sure to take the bus tour for the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.