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Bahia-Mar Yacht Harbor

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Location: Bahia-Mar Yachting Center, Fort Lauderdale
County: Broward
Waymark: None


On this 27-acre tract, the Universal Construction Company has built Bahia-Mar, the nations finest municipal yacht harbor, dedicated to the people of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the yachtsmen of Florida.

During the administration and through the efforts of two city commissioners, the idea of Bahia-Mar was developed. Funds for construction were found and building accomplished. To these men goes full tribute for foresight and confidence in the great future of Fort Lauderdale.

Mayor-Commissioners Reed A. Bryan (1947-1949) and F.R. (Jack) Humphries (1949-1951). Commissioners Tom Austin, Joe Moe, Joseph C. Mackey, H.J. Newsham, Joel Taul.
This tablet erected December 1, 1949 by Universal Construction Company - William Schantz, President.
Clyds W. Sullivan, secretary-treasurer, William Uoyd, construction superintendent, J. H.
Philpott, engineer.


City: Fort Lauderdale, FL