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Site of First And Second School In Broward County

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Location: At bridge over New River, S. W. 4th and 7th Street, Fort Lauderdale
County: Broward
Waymark: None


The first school in what is now Broward County was an unpainted wooden building on this site. It opened classes on October 23, 1899 under the trusteeship of Edwin Thomas King. Miss Ivy Julia Cromartie (later Mrs. Frank Stranahan) was the first teacher. There were 13 pupils - four more than required to establish a school.

A second schoolhouse was built here in 1910, a four room, two story unpainted concrete block building, including the first high school.

Broward County was created April 30, 1915 and purchased the school building and land November 18, 1915 for the first courthouse. It was enlarged and used as the courthouse

Legislature from Broward County, where he was the chairman for two terms of the committee on canals and drainage. One of the area´s first farmers and produce merchants. He worked diligently for agriculture and Everglades reclamation.


City: Fort Lauderdale, FL