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Discoveries Of Juan Ponce de Leon March 3,1513 to October 19,1513

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Location: Ponce de Leon Historical Park, west end of Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda
County: Charlotte
Waymark: None


April 2 - Discovery of "La Florida"
April 20 - Punta de Arracifes (Cape Kennedy) April 21 - The Gulf Stream Currents
May 8 - Cabo de Corrientes (Palm Beach) May 13 - Bahia Chequescha (Biscayne Bay) May 15 - Los Martires (The Florida Keys) May 18 - Los Tortugas (Dry Tortugas)
May 23 - First West Coast landfall
May 24 - June 15, Discovery and exploration of Charlotte Harbor, Pine Island Sound, Pine Island, and the Mainland
October 19 - San Juan - Captain Juan Perez de Ortubia, sent by Ponce to seek Beniny, reported its discovery.

The City of Punta Gorda, Florida, in cooperation with Punta Gorda Isles, Inc.


City: Punta Gorda, FL