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Location: n East Orange Avenue / South Duval Island Drive east of South Shore Acres Point, Floral City, FL
County: Citrus
Coordinates: N 28° 45.007    W 082° 16.94
  28.75011666    -82.28233333
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: None


What Lies Ahead
Florida De Soto Trail

—July 24, 1539 —

It’s July 24, 1539…
Hernando de Soto’s army has set up camp at a nearby Indian village, Tocaste -

I moved ahead with a small scouting party. Just north of the village, we discovered a broad road, which I believe may be the entrance way to a large city. I have dispatched Rodrigo Rangel back to Tocaste with orders to break camp and join us.

"He came upon many Indians who were following the trail of the Governor, but he continued onward. And having arrived at the main army, the maestro de campo gave him fourteen men on horseback, with which the number of horses the Governor had was increased to twenty-six."- Account by Rodrigo Rangel
The De Soto Chronicles

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