Historic Markers Across Florida

Joeseph E. Lee

Marker ID: FLHM 
Location: 1424 E.17th St., the Joeseph E. Lee Child Develop
County: Duval
Waymark: None


Joseph E. Lee, one of Florida´s most distinguished adopted sons, was born in Philadelphia in 1849. Shortly after obtaining a law degree from Howard University in 1873, Lee began to practice in Florida as Jacksonville´s first black lawyer. Joseph Lee´s achievements ranged over several aspects of public life. In 1874, he was elected to the Florida House of Represetatives, serving as a member of that body for six years before being elected to the State Senate in 1880 for one term. The Republican party nominated Lee as a delegate to the Florida Constitutional Convention of 1885. In 1888, he was elected Municipal Judge of Jacksonville, defeating two white candidates for the post. As a political leader and statesman, Lee´s abilities were respected on the local, county, and state levels. He was a major force in the Republican Party of Florida for several decades. His leadership was recognized by national party figures as well. Lee received federal appointments as Customs Collector for the Port of St. Johns (1890-94, 1897-98) and as Collector of Internal Revenue (1898-1913). At the time of his death in 1920, he was a delegate to the upcoming national Republican convention. In additon to his wide political activities, Joseph E. Lee was also a leader in the religious and educational life of Jacksonville.Sponsors: sponsored by citizens for Community Action in cooperation with Department of State


City: Jacksonville, FL