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The Kings Road - Florida's First Highway

Marker ID: Jacksonville H.S. 
Location: At Kings Trail Elementary School, 7401 Old Kings Road, South, Jacksonville.
County: Duval
Waymark: None


From earliest times Indian trails threaded throughout Florida following ridges, beaches and river banks. Many of these trails were used by Spanish explorers and by pioneers. Early in England´s 20-yearownershipofFlorida, 1763-1783, the Kings Road was built along old trails from St. Augustine to the St. Marys River and connected with British roads in Georgia. Southward the road extended to New Smyrna. This British road was the first highway in Florida for unlike early trails, it was wide enough for wagons. A graded road with a ferry crossing at the Cow Ford on the St. Johns River, the Kings Road bisects the city today, approximately the route of U.S. Highway l.

Jacksonville Historical Society


City: Jacksonville, FL