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The St. Johns River - A River Of Many Names

Marker ID: Jacksonville H.S. 
Location: Near river bank at Friendship Park, Jacksonville.
County: Duval
Waymark: None


Discovered by Juan Bono Quexos, 1520 * First named Rio de Corrientes by Spain * Explored by Pedro Menendez - Called Riviere de Mai by France, 1562-4* San Mateo, Salamototo and Picolata were among its other Spanish names * Its Indian name, Welaka, meant River of Lakes - San Juan, then St. Johns, its English version, replaced all other names by 1821 when Florida was ceded to the U.S. by Spain. The mighty river is famed in verse and story by Bartram, Wordsworth and Coleridge * Essential to the ecology of peninsular Florida * Rises just south of Lake Helen Blazes * Flows northward for most of its 276 mile length.

Jacksonville Historical Society


City: Jacksonville, FL