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Historic Gilmore Community

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Location: at the intersection of Ft. Caroline Rd and Eveross Rd, Jacksonville, FL
County: Duval
Coordinates: N 30° 21.887    W 081° 33.39
  30.36478333    -81.5565
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WMQQX2


Historic Gilmore Community

The community of Gilmore is a beautiful wooded area facing Mill Cove on the St. Johns River and extending south of Merrill Road. Indian mounds in the area give evidence that during prehistoric times the land was home to Native American Indians who set up permanent village sites and relied on the abundant fish and game of the area for subsistence.

In 1885, long after the last Indians had left, Irish immigrants Archibald Gilmore homesteaded 80 acres of land which lay on both sides of Merrill Road. His original home was located in what would now be the 93/9400 block of Ft. Caroline Road. The Jacksonville, Mayport and Pablo Railroad, which formerly opened in 1888, crossed Archibald's property and stopped in Gilmore. Gilmore also had its own post office, believed to have been located in the riverfront home of Dr. A.T. Cuzner, from December, 1887 until June, 1916. Dr. Cuzner's practice, one of the few medical practices in the area at that time, was also operated from his home. Children of the community were first tutored in the Gilmore family home. Around 1890 a schoolhouse was built in the same location of the present-day Don Brewer Elementary School. The Gilmore School was merged with the Arlington Grammar School when it opened in 1921.

The Gilmore family platted two subdivisions on land they had homesteaded in 1914 and 1925. The road that separated these subdivisions was named Gilmore Heights Road and connected the Gilmore community with Atlantic Boulevard. The Gilmore Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in June, 1922 on land donated by the Gilmore family and is still an active church today. Always a community of fishermen, several families operated fish camps along the river.

The Gilmore-Cameron Cemetery, located on the eastern edge of the community, is the final resting place for many of the early settlers. Descendants of the Gilmore and other families from the early days are still well represented in the area today."

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