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Marvin N. Justiss Building

Marker ID:  
Location: 106 SE Avenue B, Carrabelle, FL
County: Franklin
Coordinates: N 29° 51.025    W 084° 39.859
  29.85041666    -84.66431666
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: None


Marvin N. Justiss Building "Some say he built half of Carrabelle"

Marvin N. Justiss was born November 16, 1898. He married Thelma Massey in Pensacola, Florida and moved to Carrabelle in 1929. They had one daughter, Virginia Justiss Sanborn. Marvin Justiss came to Carrabelle and began building both homes and commercial buildings. He owned a machine that made both bricks and blocks, and with that machine he made all the blocks to build this building, which was the Carrabelle City Hall until it moved in 2008. This building is now home to the Carrabelle History Museum.

As you look around the Carrabelle downtown district, every building that you see was built by Mr. Justiss with the exception of just a few. At his last count there were over 100 buildings that he had constructed. Marvin N. Justiss lived in Carrabelle from 1929 until he passed away February 23, 1998 just short of being 100 years old.

Carrabelle History Museum.