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Fort Brooke Battery

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Location: On University Dr. near West Kennedy Boulevard, University of Tampa Campus.
County: Hillsborough
Coordinates: N 27° 56.814    W 082° 27.79
  27.9469    -82.46316666
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: None


Replica Naval Mounts
Manufactured for
The Friends of Plant Park
The Citizens of Tampa, Hillsborough County
and The University of Tampa
Dedicated to
The original inhabitants, soldiers, sailors and
settlers who with blood sweat and toil
carved this area out of wilderness.
Funded by
The Fort Brooke Commission
[ Includes Council resolutions, list of Chairpersons, Manufacturer and designer ]

History of the Battery
Originally part of a battery of Three, mounted on Barbette Carriages and placed in the year 1861 near the northeast corner of the mouth of the Hillsborough River these 24 pound shot sized cannon were used to defend Tampa and Fort Brooke during the "War between the States". On May 5, 1864 Federal Troops composed of elements of The 2nd U.S. Colored Regiment, 2nd Florida cavalry, U.S. Sailors and Florida Union (irregular troops) landing South and East of Tampa enveloped Tampa in a pincers movement and captured it by surprise. The 24 pounders were disabled and their mounts destroyed. Two smaller 6 pound shot size cannon were carried away. H.B. Plant in 1891 while constructing the Tampa Bay Hotel is credited with saving these two cannon by bringing them to these grounds and including them in a "Children´s Fort" play area.

The Fort Brooke Commission.


City: Tampa, FL