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Lt. Col. Frank S. Adamo, M.D.

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Location: on N Franklin St, north of Jackson St (rout 60)
County: Hillsborough
Coordinates: N 27° 56.829    W 082° 27.473
  27.94715    -82.45788333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM33X0


Bataan´s Medical Hero. This distinguished native Tampan served with courage, honor and personal sacrifice as an army surgeon during WWII. He was captured and made a prisoner of war when the Japanese overran the Philippines. Afflicted with Beri-Beri and other diseases he performed heroically serving his comrades as doctor, friend and lifesaver.
Dr. Adamo discovered a revolutionary method in the treatment of gangrene using hydrogen peroxide and saved thousands of gangrenous limbs. A grateful nation decorated him with the medal of the Legion of Merit. When he returned home he found that First Avenue, a major thoroughfare, had been named Frank S. Adamo Drive in his honor.

Tampa Historical Society and Grateful Citizens of Tampa


City: Tampa, FL
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