Historic Markers Across Florida

Old Government Spring

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County: Hillsborough
Waymark: None


Tampa´s oldest and most romantic landmark. For centuries the ancient Timuquan Indian Tribes used this spring as a shrine to their water-gods. The Spanish Conquistadores tarried here, and the early pioneers found sustenance from the magic waters.

For more than 60 years this spring supplied water for Fort Brooke. During the Seminole Indian Wars famous history making men planned their campaigns here. Among them were:
General Winfield Scott, General Zachary Taylor, General David E. Twiggs, General Edmund P. Gaines, General Thomas H. Jesup, General Abraham Eustis. In 1896 Florida´s first brewery was erected here. For many years the pure water from this famous spring was used to brew La Tropical Beer.

Erected by YborCity Rotary Club


City: Tampa, FL