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Fighting at Ely Corner-The Battle of Marianna

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Location: At the church on FL 2 and Fernwood St, Campbellton, FL
County: Jackson
Coordinates: N 30° 46.615    W 085° 14.146
  30.77691666    -85.23576666
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMNXVT


The main section of the Battle of Marianna began here at 11 a.m. on September 27, 1 1864. Confederate cavalry under Col. A.B. Montgomery formed a line of battle across the main street at this point. Union troops, led by Brig. Gen. Alexander Asboth, approached the west. Heavy Confederate fire rolled back the first Union attack, but Asboth ordered a second charge before the Southern troops had time to reload their muzzle-loading carbines and shotguns. Fighting with sabers took place here as the two forces collided. The outnumbered Confederates were compelled to retreat east in the direction of the center of town, still fighting as they went. Union troops followed close behind.

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Intersection of Lafayatte St (US 90) and Russ St Marianna, FL