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Shiloh Melodist Church

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Location: S.R. 146, northwest of Madison
County: Madison
Waymark: None


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To The Glory of The Most High God a group of Christians led by the Reverend John Graming organized Shiloh Methodist Church here, December 24, 1845. Born in 1785 in South Carolina, the son of German Emigrants Adam and Elizabeth Gassoway Graming, Reverend Graming, and his family with his brother Christian Graming came to Florida, 1845. Their children were, Andrew P., John H., Martha R. Reagan, Laviniah Rykard, Margaret Davis, Katherine, Adam D., Charles W., Joel F. and Francis T. Burnett. In addition to John and Elizabeth, other Shiloh Charter Members were, John H. and Allys, William, Missouri, Misses Frances T. Lavinah, Katherine, Daniel, Charles Louise A.,
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and Joel F. Graming; John and Rebecca Reagan, their daughters Martha and Amanda; Reverend Elias and Margaret Davis, a Mr. Brooks, his wife, and daughter Missouri. Reverend Graming served as the first Pastor for many years. Able Pastors have served through the years including: A. Gardner, 1850´s; W. J. Gray, 1905-1906; W. F. Wesley, 1926~1927; D Lee Jones, 1932~1936; Ted Young, 1977 -. The First Steward was Joel F. Graming. Conference affiliations have been: The Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1845; The United Methodist Church, 1968; and Southern Methodist, 1970. The influence of Shiloh Church, like all of God´s institutions will reach to the Shores of Eternity.

Sponsored by Shiloh Church and The Graming Family Reunion in cooperation with The Madison County Historical Society 1978


City: Madison, FL