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The Sewall Home, Dock and Pineapple Fields-Henry Edwin Sewall (1848-1925)

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Location: W. High Point Rd and E. High Point Rd, Sewall Point, FL
County: Martin
Coordinates: N 27° 10.715    W 080° 11.302
  27.17858333    -80.18836666
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMZ6DD


The Sewall Home, Dock
and Pineapple Fields

Henry Edwin Sewall (1848-1925)

In 1889, Capt. Henry Seawall and his wife, Abbie, settled on the peninsula that bears their name. Previously, the Sewall family inherited a third of the 16,000-acre Miles-Hanson Grant, awarded by the king of Spain in 1823. Within the grant were the southern 130.8 acres of the Sewall's Point peninsula.

Henry Sewall built a home, cleared his land and planted pineapples. A long freight dock was built into the Indian River at the southeastern tip of the peninsula and for many years served as a popular stopping place for travelers.

A Sewall's Point Post Office was established in May 1891 and continued in operation until 1918.

Henry Sewall served as a Dade County commissioner in 1893, when south Sewall's Point was within Dade County, and as a state representative in 1894-95. A public-spirited person, he was also active in the Pineapple Growers' Association and the Club of Hutchinson island from the time it was established in 1895 until his death thirty years later.

Town of Sewall Point