Historic Markers Across Florida

Barefoot Mailman

Marker ID: HASF 
Location: Haulover Park, Miami, FL
County: Miami-Dade
Waymark: None


In the 1800s, mail was often carried between the coastal communities of South Florida by barefoot mailmen. These carriers walked most of the route barefoot on the firm sand near the water´s edge. In the 1880s, the U.S. government established regular mail service from the Palm Beach area to Miami. The usual route was from Hypoluxo Island, passed the Orange Grove and Ft. Lauderdale Houses o£ Refuge and Baker´s Haulover, then to Miami by small boat, and back again, a distance of over 120 miles which the barefoot mailmen covered in six days. In the 1890s, a new county road to Lemon City ended the barefoot route.

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City: Miami, FL