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Benjamin Samuel Sha Vis 1890~ 1968

Marker ID: HASF 
Location: Ben Shavis Park, Perrine
County: Miami-Dade
Waymark: None


Ben Shavis was a man who made life a little nicer for the residents of the black community of West Perrine. He staged clean up campaigns, worked with community youth, encouraged people to purchase their homes and served as a Sunday school superintendent. Officially he was chairman of the Perrine Negro Council and rallied his neighbors to register and vote. In November of 1948, when Perrine was an incorporated city, Shavis was the only black among the fifteen candidates running for seven city commission seats. His election seemed secure until racial tensions forced his withdrawal from the race. In 1978 the community of west Perrine dedicated this park in honor of Ben Shavis.

Sponsored by the Office of Community Development Coordination, Dade County, in coopera¬tion with the Historical Association of Southern Florida


City: Perrine