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Location: On N 42nd Ave at Riviera Dr, Coral Gables, FL.
County: Miami-Dade
Coordinates: N 25° 42.398    W 080° 15.643
  25.70663333    -80.26071666
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM3ZW4


Originally eight feet wide, Le Jeune Raod was built by James D. Girtman (1874-1960). In addition to being a road builder, Mr. Girtman was also a successful grocer, fur trader, expert on Seminole culture, and fruit and vegetable grower. In 1902, Mr. Girtman raised $250 to build Le Jeune Road. The effort was regarded as highly successful. the road is named for Charles Le Jeune, a wealthy Belgian, who settled here in 1899. Born in 1878, he was educated at the best schools in Europe, attending colleges in Paris, Bonne and Heidelberg, where he majored in horticulture. He purchased the "Jackson Homestead," 140 acres of harsh coral rock land four miles west of Coconut Grove, and converted them into fruit groves by using dynamite so that the trees could be planted in straight lines. The dirt road that marked the eastern boundary of his property came to be known as Le Jeune Road. Coral Gables City Hall now sits on the northeast corner of the property. He sold his property to George Merrick in 1924. Although he received some cash, most was in monthly payments. However, in less than three years Le Jeune´s mortgage was in default because of the decline of the economy and the land bust. Charles Le Jeune died penniless in 1941.
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City: Coral Gables, FL.