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Impact of the 'Bay Of Pigs' On Miami

Marker ID: HASF 
Location: S. W. 27th Avenue & Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove, Miami.
County: Miami-Dade
Waymark: None


In the early months of 1961 Cuban refugees in Miami flew from Opa-Locka airport to Guatemala to become part of the almost 1300 men of Brigade 2506. The Brigade´s Bay of Pigs Invasion on April 17, 1961, resulted in defeat, with over 100 men killed and the rest imprisoned. The invasion´s failure did not destroy the dream of returning to Cuba, but it did make many look at Miami as more than a temporary refuge. Careers, education and the starting of new lives became important concerns of the refugees. At the same time the Cuban community anxiously waited while negotiations between the U. S. and Cuba secured the release of the prisoners. Two days before Christmas in 1962 the prisoners began arriving by air at Homestead Air Force Base and were reunited with their families at Dinner Key Auditorium.

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City: Miami, FL