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The Historic 1926 White Way Lights

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Location: University Dr and Riviera Dr, Coral Gables, FL
County: Miami-Dade
Coordinates: N 25° 44.398    W 080° 15.914
  25.73996666    -80.26523333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMXNF2


The Historic 1926 White Way Lights

(Side 1)
In 1926, 500 ornamental bases were commissioned for the "White Way" streetlights in Coral Gables. They were designed by Denman Fink and Phineas Paist. At each of the four sides of the base, there is a head in relief symbolic of the life of Coral Gables. Each of these faces represents a different character. "Art and Architecture" and "Horticultural Planting" reliefs are of beautiful women with their appropriate symbolic implements. "Labor" and "Industry" reliefs are represented by men with strong features, also with symbolic implements and tools.

Alternating between the heads are the Spanish castle and rampant lion, both important symbols used often in Coral Gables designs. Encircling the top of the base, in raised letters are the words, "Coral Gables-The Miami Riviera, Fla.". The posts are of cast iron construction and were originally painted verdigris green. Later, the posts and bases were painted silver. These decorative bases are located in the Riviera Section along University Drive and Riviera Drive from Granada Boulevard past Ponce de Leon Boulevard. Presently only 78 of the ornamental bases remain in Coral Gables.

In 1981, the ornamental "White Way" streetlights were designated City Historic Landmark Site.

(Side 2)
90 years ago, Coral Gables city planners were influenced by the aesthetics of the City Beautiful Movement popular in the 1900s. The effect of the "White Way" streetlights are the Historic Preservation Association of Coral Gables-a nonprofit whose mission is to promote the understanding and importance of historic resources-and the City of Coral Gables.

Historic Preservation Association of Coral Gables
Karelia Martinez Carbonell, President
Jane Maranos, Vice President
Ann Goodman, Treasurer
Dolly MacIntyre, Secretary
Lisa Bennett
Sallye Jude, Ellen Uguccioni, Honorary Member

City of Coral Gables
James Cason, Mayor
Frank C. Quesada, Vice Mayor
Patricia Keon
Vincent Jeannett Slesnick
Cathy Swanson-Riverbark, City Manager

Connie and Tim Crowther, The Coral Gables Historic Preservation Board and Historic Resources Department, In memoriam Sarah Likes Anderson