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Founding of the Conch Republic

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Location: on Wall St, Key West, FL
County: Monroe
Coordinates: N 24° 33.562    W 081° 48.417
  24.55936666    -81.80695
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: WM6HB5


On April 18, 1982 at the head of the highway out of the Florida Keys, the United States Border Patrol established a road block. For the first time in the United States´ history, an entire section of the country was officially treated as a foreign land. Returning travelers were required to prove United States citizenship and subjected to forced searches.

At noon on April 23, 1982 the Island of Key West, in a mock ceremony, declared its independence from the United States by naming ministers of the new nation which it called "The Conch Republic" and by hoisting its own flag.

Founding Fathers
Dennis Wardlow
Dennis Bitner
William E Smith
Edwin O Swift III
Townsend Kieffer
John Maglioa

Dedicated April 25 1986 by Prime Minister and Mayor Tom Sawyer


City: Key West, FL