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Mallory Square

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Location: on Wall St, Key West, FL
County: Monroe
Coordinates: N 24° 33.557    W 081° 48.410
  24.55928333    -81.80683333
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: WM6HAZ


The Mallory Square area was the hub of Key West´s Wrecking Industry in the 19th Century, it includes warehouses where salvage from ships wrecked on the reef were stored and auctioned. Named for Stephen R Mallory, who left the United States Senate to become Secretary of the Navy for the Confederate States. Located here:

-Hospitality House, originally the office for the Clyde Mallory Steamship Co and now the home of the Old Island Restoration

-Two cable houses used to store the underwater cable for repairing telegraph wires between Kew West and Cuba

-Tift´s Ice House (Shell Warehouse) and Company offices (Chamber of Commerce) Native Stone Structures (circa 1847) The oldest commercial buildings on the island

-Waterfron playhouse, circa 1850, and was used for storage for salvaged goods awaiting auction

-Two walled cisterns that were used to supply water for ships

-A brick warehouse build by William H Wall, a shipwrecked Englishman who made his fortune in the wrecking business

-Key West Aquarium built in the 1930s as a federal relief project
-Babcock´s Grocery circa 1899 now the Key West Art Center

-Old Fisherman´s Cafe (Caribbean Cargo) moved to the site in 1981
Mallory Square is known worldwide for its celebration of sunset and the hub of the city´ tourism industry. Maps available upon request in Tift´s Ice House (the shell warehouse)


City: Key West, FL