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Site of Camp Three

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Location: at the intersection of Tollgate Blvd and Toll Gate Shores Drive, Islamorada, FL
County: Monroe
Coordinates: N 24° 51.184    W 080° 44.388
  24.85306666    -80.7398
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: None


Site of Camp Three

Established in 1934, during the Great Depression, Camp Three housed 250 bonus army veterans until September 2, 1935 when one of the worst hurricanes ever recorded destroyed everything there. The eye of the hurricane passed over nearby Craig Key with a recorded barometric pressure of 26.35 inches and winds in excess of 200 miles per hour. Only eight of the veterans were known to have survived. The only visible remains of their work is the Veterans Key and the eight "coffins" that were to be the foundation for a bridge that would link Lower Matecumbe Key with Long Key.

Housed first in tents and then wooden cottages, these veterans, with an average age of 40, were supposed to live having survived World War One. One hundred and ten were identified and buried in Miami at the Woodlawn Cemetery. Due to health concerns at the time the remaining bodies recovered were quickly cremated.

This marker is dedicated to those veterans who lost their lives and gave all that day.

Toll Gates Shores - Lower Matecumbe Key. - 2012