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Seaman Apprentice William H. Graves

Marker ID:  
Location: Fort Jefferson, Dry Toruguga
County: Monroe
Coordinates: N 24° 37.940    W 082° 55.194
  24.63233333    -82.9199
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: WMVZ3Z



16 November 1955    6 June 1975

Seaman on the Coast Guard Construction Tender ANVIL who lost his life while completing construction of this pier. His work was of the sea and he died on her beaches just before sunset.

Seaman Graves grave site is also on this island. A small cemetery plot with 5 graves, some from WWII era is here and he is in it.

The Coast Guard no longer runs the lighthouse or the island, and anyone can visit...just getting a taxi is kind of tough.
Boats cannot use the pier to tie up. They must anchor off shore and either wade in or skiff in.
Lighthouse is now digital and tended by volunteers during the summer months.