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American Beach at the Crossroads/The Crossroads Today

Marker ID: NPS 
Location: Ocean Blvd in American Beach, Amelia Island, FL
County: Nassau
Coordinates: N 30° 34.371    W 081° 26.699
  30.57285    -81.44498333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMP5NC


During the period of racial segregation, African Americans were barred from most of the beaches in Florida. American Beach was founded in 1935 to provide African Americans with beach access in a resort atmosphere. Nana, at the sand dune before you is called, is located at the heart of American Beach.
From 1935 to 2000, "The Crossroads" between Ocean Boulevard and Gregg Street on American Beach was the jumping off place fr Black beach goers. Over summer weekends from the dunes to the sea there were people galore. Like the waves that rush ashore, American Beach was in constant motion.

American Beach reminds us of a time in American history when all people were not viewed as equals. Yet this beach also presents us with memories of family time, enjoyment, and relief from the challenges of the work week.
The story of the beach intertwines with the history of north Florida. The geography of the area provided this secluded island location for African Americans to enjoy the sun and surf. The history and legacy of African American people-from enslavement to freedom to civil rights-can be learned by visiting more sites in the Timucuan Preserve.