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Yates House

Marker ID:  
Location: 1300 N. Fort Christmas Rd., Christmas, FL
County: Orange
Coordinates: N 28° 33.723    W 081° 1.322
  28.56205    -81.02203333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMWK9W


Yates House
Circa 1890s

John Burl (Bud) Yates III, born in 1875, and Polly Canada, born in 1874, lived on the John Burl Yates' homestead, located on Taylor Creek when they first were married. They converted an old shed into living quarters and prepared meals on a 'cook stand' in the open. They homesteaded the property where they built this one room house and lived a simple life off the land. They herded cattle, raised livestock, raised livestock, hunted deer, turkey and wild hogs. In early times the kitchen was on the front porch. Polly's sons added the kitchen in the rear of the house after her husband died in 1923. The gray, marl clay for the original stick and mud chimney came from a local clay pit in the Taylor Creek area.

Fort Christmas Historical Park.