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Pioneer Memorial Park

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Location: on S Dixie Hwy (US 1) south of Jefferson Rd, West Palm Beach, FL
County: Palm Beach
Coordinates: N 26° 42.066    W 080° 03.229
  26.7011    -80.05381666
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM7HJG


Pioneer Memorial Park

The Lakeside Cemetery Association (LCA), formed in 1891, was composed of a group of the earliest pioneer families of what is today Palm Beach County(part of Dade County until 1909). In 1895 the LCA purchased this site to be used as a private cemetery. From 1895 until approximately 1920, the pioneer families buried their dead in this cemetery. Over two hundred of Dade and Palm Beach County's earliest and most prominent citizens were buried here, including many of the earliest public officials, landowners, and business owners. Initially, both African-American and white pioneers were buried here, which was very unusual for the time. In 1902, the LCA purchased two acres located two blocks to the South to serve as a separate cemetery for African -Americans (today known as Flamingo Park). In 1914, Henry M. Flagler donated to the City of West Palm Beach the land immediately to the West of this site, on which Woodlawn Cemetery was created as West Palm Beach's municipal cemetery. In 1921, the LCA donated this site to the City of West Palm Beach for public park purposes. In 1940, upon the request of the City of West Palm Beach, the LCA released a series of deed restriction encumbering the property allowing the Norton Gallery and School of Art to be built, provided that this site shall forever be known as "Pioneer Memorial Park". Most of the pioneers buried on this site were exhumed and re-interred in Woodland Cemetery. However, as many as forty pioneers were not removed and remain buried on this site today.

The Norton Museum


City: West Palm Beach, FL

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