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Philippe Park

Marker ID:  
Location: on Phillippe Park Dr, Tampa, FL
County: Pinellas
Coordinates: N 28° 00.450    W 082° 40.690
  28.0075    -82.67816666
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: WM8EYK


On this promontory Count Odet Philippe, a native of Lyon, France, and surgeon in the French Armed Forces under Napoleon Bonaparte settled in 1842 arriving at his this point in his sailing vessel "The Ney". In this area he established St. Helena, his plantation and upon it he was the first to adapt the grapefruit to Florida culture.
Here he raised a large family, many descendants of which now reside in Pinellas County. He pioneered in the development of this area and endowed this site with a history rich in colorful atmosphere. His remains are interred not far from this spot.

Pinellas County Park Board


his nearby Headstone reads:

Born Lyon, France 1787
Died at this Site 1869
As the first European settler in Pinellas County he established St. Helena Plantation, now Philippe Park Philippe was the first to cultivate grapefruit in Florida and introduced cigar-making to Tampa
His descendants populated this frontier. He was said to be a doctor
and of noble birth.