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Fort Cummings

Marker ID:  
Location: 185 South Lake Shore Way, Lake Alfred, FL
County: Polk
Coordinates: N 28° 05.439    W 081° 43.784
  28.09065    -81.72973333
Style: Free Standing **
Status: The marker has been removed.
Waymark: WMN66D


Approximately 1½ miles west of here
near the shore of Lake Alfred
is the site of
Fort Cummings

Named for Col. Alexander Cummings of the Fourth Infantry. Established January 22, 1839 and occupied by detachments of the First and Second Infantry and the Third Artillery.

Part of the line of forts set up in central Florida to protect the route from Fort Brooke, Tampa to Fort Mellon, Sanford.

One of the dramatic events of the year occurred when Coacoochee or Wildcat appeared at the fort attired in the full regalia of a member of a Shakesperian cast. The year before, in 1840, Wildcat and his band attacked a theatrical group between Picolata and St. Augustine and after killing the men of the party escaped with the costumes belonging to the troupe. These, he and his band wore as they approached the fort and created quite an effect on the spectators.

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