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Double Bridges and the Old King's Road 1772

Marker ID: FLHM F-545
Location: N 29° 39.047
County: St. Johns
Coordinates: N 29° 39.047    W 081° 17.465
  29.65078333    -81.29108333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMEMW2


Double Bridges and the
Old King's Road 1772

The King's Road, an overland highway constructed during Florida's British Colonial period (1763-1784), once traversed the Double Bridges property at this location. The road spanned Pellicer Creek, Hulett Branch, and swamp wetlands over a system of wooden bridges and raised earthen causeways. This crossing has long been called Double Bridges, named for the unusual combination of the two spans built so close together. Remnants of the King's Road, marked by road cuts through high sandy bluffs and a short section of a causeway, are visible here. A longer section of causeway can be seen on the south side of Pellicer Creek. The bridges are gone, but remaining piers and extensive earthworks serve as monuments to this historic crossing. The causeways and bridges, spanning some 625 feet of swampland, were once an important part of the 18th century road that connected St. Augustine and New Smyrna. This major project, commissioned in 1772, was built to solidify East Florida as the British Crown's 14th colony. Double Bridges and the Old King's Road were recorded to the Florida Master Site File as historic sites 8SJ4892 and 8SJ4893 in 2002..

F-545 Florida Heritage Landmark
The Double Bridges Community
and the Florida Department of State


City: St. Augustine, FL

As of Oct 2013 the community here is still gated limiting access to this marker and the associated history.