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Pioneer Court

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Location: W Venice Ave just east of Armada Rd, Venice, FL
County: Sarasota
Coordinates: N 27° 05.995    W 082° 27.163
  27.09991666    -82.45271666
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: WM4QW9


This sculpture symbolizes the three crops - citrus, cattle and seafood - that sustained the first 19th century settlers in the Venice area. No roads penetrated the surrounding wilderness. Most contacts with the outside world were by sailboats which they built themselves. Their isolated lives were made bearable. The natural resources abounding in the area and by the warm, beneficental climate.
Pioneer life demanded hard work, still there was time for fun, sugar cane "grindings" yielded syrup, community turtle hunting provided meat that could be preserved by drying. The church and school gave spiritual and intellectual support and provided a center for many social activities.

Life was hard, beset by isolation and heavy physical labor, but the companionship, the wonderful climate and the pioneer spirit combined to offer a full measure of contentment.

By the end of the century, pioneer families began to accommodate winter visitors, thus was launched the area´s thriving tourist and retirement industries.

Sponsored by: Douglas R Murphy, M.D.


City: Venice, FL

Buchan's Landing was where the old sailing ships docked, bringing goods and supplies from Tampa to Englewood in the days before there were any roads.