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Unconditional Surrender

Marker ID:  
Location: in the park on Island Park Dr, Sarasota, FL
County: Sarasota
Coordinates: N 27° 20.113    W 082° 32.811
  27.33521666    -82.54685
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMMYJN


The profound joy he portrayed in this sculpture was prompted by the spontaneous surrender of the Japanese, thus ending World War II on August 14, 1945. Among the celebrants in Times Square in New York City were a United States sailor and a nurse embracing admits the multitude of joint makers.

The merriment expressed the pride and relief of military and the home front to have been part of this great victory despite the eleven years of unemployment and the hardships of the Great Depression; four years of horrific war; losing loved ones; the rationing of food and gasoline and the war production duties and/or to buy the home front. This group is
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This celebrated moment in the history of our nation prompted preeminent American sculptor J. Stewart Johnson, to create this sculpture, which he named “Unconditional Surrender." After several years of intense effort, a proud veteran of World War II, Jack Curran, bought the sculpture, with the outstanding support given by various Sarasota County veterans organizations, he was able to donate the sculpture to the city of Saratoga.

The presence of this sculpture prompts viewers to never forget the “Greatest Generation" or the day when they demonstrated their “Unity" - August 14, 1945.