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World War II Coastal Watch Tower

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Location: on Ocean Shore Blvd (A1A) north of Spanish Waters Dr, Ormond Beach, FL
County: Sarasota
Coordinates: N 29° 20.815    W 081° 03.909
  29.34691666    -81.06515
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMMYNV


Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941, the American government placed a high priority on civil defense throughout the second world war [??] coastal watch [??] staffed by civilian [??] Civil air patrol and the Coast Guard auxiliary armed only with binoculars and a telephone they monitored the skies [??] traffic and reported any flights to a central station in Jacksonville where the information was cross checked with authorized flight plans. Spotters also watched for signs of German U-boats that operated off shore sinking merchant marine [??] in an effort to disruptt the American War effort.

This tower was one of over 15,200 observation post along the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Coast arrange roughly every 6 miles in providing a virtual “picket fence" of civilian observers to warn of an impending attack. The observation posts were abandoned in May 1944 when it became apparent the Germans no longer posed a threat to our coastline. Though the continental United States would not come under serious attack during the course of the war, this civil defense network provided in important avenue of information for many on the home front is well as [??]s for civilians manning the many material and national [??]
Life in wartime America created [??] To the civilian men and women who served their country and her hour of need.

Dedicated the 7th day of December, 2004, by the Emmer Group with special thanks to the County of Volusia and the Ormand Beach Historical Trust Inc.


This marker is very sun faded and has some water damage and is very difficult to read.

Ormond Beach World War II Watch Tower