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Big Tree

Marker ID:  
Location: in Big Tree Park in Longwood, Florida.
County: Seminole
Coordinates: N 28° 43.112    W 081° 19.877
  28.71853333    -81.33128333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM3CW8


The Senator is one of the oldest and largest cypress trees in America. The Seminole Indians and other Native American Indians who lived throughout Central Florida used this tree as a landmark. A hurricane in 1925 destroyed the top of the tree, reducing its original height of 165 feet to its present 118 feet. In the late 1800´s, the Senator attracted visitors even though much of the land around the tree was swamp and reaching the tree was done by leaping from log to log. A walkway was later constructed by the Works Progress Administration. In 1929, former President Calvin Coolidge visited the Senator and dedicated the site with a commemorative bronze plaque. The plaque and portions of an iron fence were stolen by vandals in 1945 and never recovered. In 1927, Senator M.O. Overstreet donated the tree and surrounding land for a park to Seminole County.

It is hard to grasp the size of this beautiful tree by looking at the pictures. It is indeed awe inspiring. There has been an ongoing "feud" with Louisiana and their cypress tree they claim to be the largest in the USA.

Estimated age and Dimensions of The Senator are taken by The American Forestry Association in 1993.


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